My Home/My Style

I very much love feathering my nest.  Most of the things in my home come from some sort of thrift situation...either I bought it used, made it from junk, or got it for free.  I love painting furniture and re-decorating with what I already have.

Posts With My Home:

This Post shows most of the inside of my house on a rare sunny day.

This is what I mean by making things in my house....

My old house that I can't even look at anymore because it makes me sad

And my other old house..sweet little thing that is was

We move for Pete's job and that has suited me just fine, for the most part.  I like to shed a layer or 2 every now and again and I enjoy the changes that come with new houses and new challenges.  As the kids get older, it has gotten harder to do.

Leaving Alaska for the 2nd time will be very difficult.  Especially because we want to sell our house and there is always a mountain of stress that goes along with that.

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