This is Me:  Lisa
Married for 19 years to Pete who I went to High School with in Florida

We have 6 kids and we are Catholic.  Before being a mama I was a elementary school teacher.  I homeschooled for 6 years and now we are sending kids to public school here in Alaska.  We are a Coast Guard family...which means we move more that the average family.

I have been blogging for about 5 years...sometimes better than others.  I mostly blog because taking pictures and seeing them in a collected space makes me CRAZY happy.  I use a Nikon d-90 and I would love to know more and do better..but I'm living in the land of not letting perfection be the enemy of good...


This is:Pete
Married to me (lucky fella) for the very same 19 years

He is a graduate of several schools first being The U.S Coast Guard Academy, Springhill College, and George Mason University.  He is currently a pilot flying H-60's in the Coast Guard in Alaska...
He's super cute and I adore him now more than ever.  He wants to move back to Florida and I DO NOT!!


This is: Emily
Age 13
My sweet first born that has turned into my first teen.  She is a sweet girl that reads like it was her job, has an amazing memory and is very much finding her own little style in all things right now.  She continues to make me be a better mom and person EVERYDAY!!


This is : Molly
Age :11

Very much the mother of all the sisters.  Not yet a teen and I am hanging on every moment...loving this sweet girl to pieces.  Her ability to love and inspire are a constant joy to all of us!!


This is:Jack
Age: 8

This little guy gets loved from all directions.  He is adored by his baby brother and revered by his younger sisters, and just getting old enough to hang with his older sisters.  He is a reluctant reader and I can't wait for him to find the love of reading.  He loves playing baseball and pretty much worships his dad.


This is: Lucy
Age 7
She. Is. Always. Happy.  My very emotional, loving little girl who feels all things VERY deeply.  She is truly everyone's best friend and can hang with anybody.  She loves her faith and has a deep love of God.


This is: Priscilla
Age:  6
This sweet face little girl is the ultimate package..witty, sharp tongued and very sassy...boy can she constantly be in trouble.  Her heart is pure but her actions have yet to catch up. Let me just say..NO FILTER for words, feelings or actions.  My constant thought is,"What?" when it comes to Priscilla...
Can't wait to enjoy her sharp, witty tongue...not enjoying it, at all...yet.


This is: Andrew
Age 3

He is the ultimate baby.  He is bossy and somewhat demanding.  I do feel bad that he is stuck home with just me most of the time.  He loves being loved by all his adoring fans and he would definitely NOT like to have his reign as baby end...ever.

This is us...

We have lived and moved several times
San Francisco
San Diego
Alaska x 2

I could not say my favorite place that we have lived because each place has been amazing for so many reasons.


  1. Holy smokes! So, I'm on godaddy, plugging in ideas for my newest blog idea. Yours is the name I wanted, but, obviously taken. So I think, little home that grew. But before I go similar, let's check you out. I see your latest post, as I'm sitting here, in CG housing, in Alaska, a CG boat. I'm like, what are the odds. We are in Kodiak. And then j see you have 6 kids (we have 5!) And your hubs is aviation, mine is too! Was even in Sitka for a short period (we are c 130s till we transfer, in 8 weeks). So back to the drawing board for me, but what are the odds!

  2. How funny. small world. Great minds think alike! Good Luck on your move!

  3. OMG. Lisa! Just found your blog bc you posted on Facebook! What a beautiful family you and Pete have! Gosh I feel like we were all just at RHS. But instead we are OLD :) Both you and Pete look wonderful and happy and I have just had the hugest smile on my face looking through your blog. Send Pete my love.. xo Martine