Thursday, February 9, 2017

Just Begin














I'm just going to jump right into this post.  I'm tempted to go into excruciating detail on how and why I am about to say what I am about to say...but lately I have been following the philosophy that if you want to start something the best thing to do is to actually START doing that something...

We are once again a HOMESCHOOLING family!!  I am very overwhelmed with joy and awe to be in this place again.  I have a lot to explain and share.  So, let me just begin.

I homeschooled Emily until 6th grade, Molly until 4th, Jack got a little kindergarten.  Then I threw in the towel.  No, I actually threw in EVERY towel VERY AGGRESSIVELY!  The 3 kids went to public school in VA for a few months. We made an unexpected move to Alaska and the kids continued to go to public school.  Eventually I had 5 kids in public school.

Sitka's schools were the perfect public school situation for us.  The classes were small and the teachers and staff were all very caring people who knew each of my kids and knew Pete and I as well. We knew most of the kids in all of their classes, and more importantly knew the families.  No situation is perfect, but for us public school worked very well in Sitka!

Now...all along I had a homeschool heart.  Even though the school situation was working, things at home were not going as well.  Relationships between siblings were very difficult and my heart broke because I knew that part of that break down was because they were in school.

Our kids were VERY close before school and as soon as we left homeschooling ALL that changed pretty quick.  It was heart breaking.  Kids have to keep up with their peers in school..that usually means leaving siblings behind.  That is exactly what happened to us.  I saw it.  I knew why.  I knew there was very little I could do to prevent it from happening.

The whole time we were in public school I still read homeschool blogs, listened to podcasts, read books and articles about it.  I wanted to want to do it again, but I just couldn't in the situation we were in.

When we were moving here to Maryland I began to search for a church.  I called my previous parish in Gainesville, VA and asked Father Vander Woude if he could help me find a parish in MD!  He called me right away and gave me a few names.

I called one of the churches he mentioned and asked if they could pass my name and number onto a mom at the parish that I could talk with...

That mom was Sam! ....this is where everything began to change.

I promise I will tell the rest...soon....


  1. Thank you for your post and jumping right in! It is encouraging to me as I have been homeschooling for ten years and I'm open to learn, to love and to pray for those traveling down the same road. I look forward to hearing more! Sherrylynne in Mpls

  2. Wife, mother and best friend. You make our family what it is. Love you.

  3. Hooray! Loved the new post and can't wait to hear about homeschooling. Sam's family sounds so wise.

  4. What a joy to read about your upcoming adventure & I also loved hearing about your new friend, Sam! Keep the posts coming! I will pray for your transition - I know it will be worth it! ��

  5. I know homeschooling has been on your heart since you sent the kids to school (was that when you were in Virginia?). I hope it works for all of you and the kids regain their relationships again. Do you have a high schooler? My daughter started high school this year -- first year of bricks and mortar school -- and I have kept the possibility of homeschooling again in my back pocket.

  6. Your homeschooling again! I have to admit, I wonder about bringing mine home again. I wonder if a summer "detox" would help show how well they'd get along being home together?