Sunday, February 12, 2017

I Jumped Right In..KINDA








I get a phone call from SAM and she just happens to have 13 kids!  She runs EVERYTHING and is just about the most welcoming amazing person I have been blessed to know.

She tells me about this homeschool high school "school" they have at the church. The kids go 2 times a week then work with their instructors the other 3 days a week online.  Their assignments are all done and handed in to their teachers.  You pay per class.

Well, that sounded wonderful but we were all in with the public schools in the new area we just bought a house in.  The schools were rated pretty high..on paper!  We were all set...but I was excited there were so many home schooled high school kids she could meet over the summer.  Homeschool kids are "usually" pretty nice and welcoming.

I mentioned the idea of homeschooling to Emily and Molly and they were OUTRAGED at the thought...the fact that I even mentioned it was ridiculous to them...

We get to Maryland after a VERY difficult departure from a very beloved home in Sitka.  We were all a bit traumatized.  We were immediately welcomed into our church, which happened to be filled with homeschooling families. They invited us over for dinner.  We swam with them.  They brought their kids over to celebrate birthdays.  It was amazing.

The big girls were heart broken over the move and my heart ached for them.  I was encouraged that they made friends at church so quickly and our summer was becoming something more than just tolerable.  But the fear of schooled loomed over all of us.

These schools were NOTHING like the school we loved and left in Sitka...Emily's school had like 4000 kids.  Molly's school was nothing short of a dungeon.  To be fair, they both LOVED school in Sitka.  Anything would have been awful in their hearts.  But I have to admit to being a bit discouraged as well.

The little kids school was delightful. It was filled with young teachers that looked excited to still be teaching.  The little kids were scared, but not horrified. I was a little more in shock.  There were 6 classes per grade with 30-32 students in each class.  The desks in the classrooms were so crammed together there was very little open space.

Everyone begins...and it goes...fine. Emily had to be at her bus stop at 6:20.  School starts at 7! The high school was farther away then I realized. She was less than thrilled with that. Emily was able to make a connection or two with kids fairly quickly..

But Molly...not so much. There is possibly no harder time to move than 8th grade....

I will finish ..
I promise....

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  1. My 7th grader had to switch schools this year, and it has been so, so hard. I'm looking forward to hearing about Molly especially.