Wednesday, February 22, 2017

And Then We All Lived Happily Ever After...











So now Molly wanted to school the same way Emily was.  She goes to a "school" 2 days a week and then works with her teachers online the rest of the week.  I was/am over the moon about her decision to join Emily.

Once the little kids heard they began begging. My heart was already opening to the idea of it.  At conference time I  talked to Priscilla's teacher and I could tell she was very unaware of the challenges Priscilla faces.  I knew she was not in the best place for her...which was such a change from Sitka where Priscilla got tons of extra help and several teachers were always looking out for her in many ways.  Leaving that conference my heart broke for Priscilla and I knew she belonged home.

Now..Jack is a different story.  He always did really well at school.  He gets a long with just about everyone and never needs help academically or socially.  But he began being pretty bothered by what the kids were talking about at lunch and the language they were using.  The playground rules at his school were pretty ridiculous compared to Sitka.  And since the playground is pretty much the reason 10 year old boys make it through the day, he was pretty bummed most days.

And very sensitive little girl was just warming up to the challenges of girls in groups.  No need to say much more than that.

So, after I shocked Pete by telling him my plan, after praying about what to do..I decided after Christmas Break we would return to homeschooling...all of us.

And here we are, very much loving the life I get to live...with these people.

 So grateful that God gave us the very best public school He could have in Sitka...and then brought me to the very best place to homeschool them here in Maryland.

Like I should have expected anything else.....


  1. No matter which direction you go, the decision before the actual transition, crafting how & when, can be bumpy. Going into a brick-n-mortar school and changing, it's all hard, even when you know it is the right thing. Extra points for not ignoring what the still small voice had to say. God bless you all!

  2. You're blog is my favorite blog. I look everyday to see if you have posted anything new. You haven't in a while and I miss it! Especially after your last post. I want to know how things are going. You're probably really busy with all the new changes. Well in case you were wondering, there are people who are interested in what you post and are anticipating more. Hope to here from you soon!