Thursday, September 15, 2016

I lost THE Little House That Grew..Now just Little House That Grew









I could start every post here or anywhere with..This move has been hard...
I could start every conversation I have with that same sentence...

But where would that get me?

 I get that it's all relative...we have a great house...a steady people around us making things NOT hard.

I should refine my thoughts to...

...things are unknown...which is uncomfortable...being uncomfortable makes you work harder...and some days I don't feel like working that hard.


Today I wanted to get back to this space and when I opened my computer...there was no more  my domain had expired and I panicked...7 years of photos and memories.

  I turned a show on for Drew and sat here trying to figure out what to do to not loose my little space here.
Long story short..I just renamed it loosing THE...but there is no redirect to domain names on blogger so some people that may like to check in here may not find my blog anymore...

So I went on Facebook and Instagram to rediret myself...

So..if your here now..I'm glad! I'm really glad that I still have a place to be myself!


  1. I'm here, and loving each and every picture!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Just found you:) glad to be back! I hope your new location is wonderful and I look forward to your beautiful pictures. I just can't believe your children have grown so much. It seems like just yesterday I was following your move to Virginia. My life has moved on as well as the years are flying by. Same location, just a very empty nest. Grandchildren are the best though!

  3. I have been following you on your blog for years, and I am still a complete stranger but today after many months of not reading blogs I went and could not find yours but went to google and typed the name of the blog and one of the options was this page, so there is hope that others will do the same haha. You have inspired me to live a Catholic life as a woman that has many roles in society, so thank you. Also, you started the desire in me to become a homeschool mom one day, I just need to get married first so you catch a young fish here haha. Thank you again!