Thursday, July 28, 2016












A while ago at my brother in laws wedding Pete's cousin Christa's oldest daughter and I were talking...I think she was about 4 years old at the time so it was a typical conversation..."What's your favorite color Claire?" I asked her.

She answered, "white!"

I was kind of amazed by that answer.  Most little girls were predicable with answering, pink..maybe purple...but white was totally not what I was expecting.  From her answer I was able to clarify my own favorite favorite color was white too...but I never really embraced it as my favorite color because it was not really a color.  It is white.

It is the color I could not wear for most of my life because I tend to be a bit messy in my surroundings and I knew white would show all.

But the love of the brightness of white has won over the worry of showing my mistakes.  I have moved in and out of several homes and with this last one I decided to use my favorite color more than ever before.  I know it will show some of my mess sometimes and may not always be practical among the mess that walks around here most of the time..but  I don't care anymore.  Or maybe I do care.

I have been a stay at home mom for almost 15 years.  I create the base for all the memories these kids are creating.  Our house and our things color the pictures of their past.  I want that to be surrounded with brightness and light.

 Some moms don't get to stay home as long as I have.  Some have gone back to work.  Our lives all change as our kids grow up.  My life has changed and the colors along with it.  I know what I like a bit more these days.  I like white.  And thanks to Claire,  I have answered that favorite color question with the same color for 10 years.  I am not sure if she has.

Monday, July 25, 2016

The End














It has been almost 1 month since moving into our house, and 2 since leaving Sitka.  It feels like I can finally say we have come to the end of this move.  This, by far, has been the hardest move EVER!

Leaving a place you love, going to a job and town unknown, all felt very impossible to handle.  We still love the place we left...we still don't know much about the "job"...except Pete leaves the house at 5:30 and gets home about 7:30.  The town is great and the church we go to is amazing.  The sun shines just about all the time and we LOVE our house.

I got us moved in pretty quick.  We were anxious to be "done" moving in.  Pete was away on a trip the day the movers came.  When he first told me he would not be here the week the movers were dropping off our stuff I was speechless for several hours.  I could not even fathom doing all of that myself.  But I did do it myself.

  It reminded me of the time I changed the battery in the smoke detector while Pete was away ...of course at 2:00 in the morning.  I was always afraid of that happening when he was gone.  It did.  I handled it...and then kind of felt amazing.

I'm 40.  There are so many things I have yet to accomplish...but this move added several things to my "did it" list.  I have hung 95% of the curtain rods in the house..something I never did before...
I put together several pieces of furniture MYSELF!  Most everything I have done since getting here I have done alone...unless you count the little chickens with me...


Our trip here was fast and furious.  I was a horrible picture taker on the way..and never once recorded where we were or what we did.  I do know that these pictures are from Montana.  We stopped and fished as many times as we could.

We also went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin...which we all loved.  We wish we did more and felt like we left a lot on the table..but right now I am very much living in the philosophy of "we are doing the best we can".

We did the best we could traveling with 2 heart sick teens, one rushed dad (he was starting work in 21 days), and a variety of other people with never ending needs.