Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Big Picture









Yesterday I cried just about all day.  I was a huge wreck.  It was Sunday.  We were all together.  We had a lot to get done.  I was weeping through most of it.  And I must admit to being like that all weekend.
We  moved into the 3rd of 3 rentals before we depart Sitka June 1.  The last house was probably the worst place I have ever lived in.  Actually...there is no proabably..IT WAS THE WORST PLACE EVER!  Size was not the issue,  It had the right amount of square footage...but the whole place was just SAD!  It made me sad.  It made all of us sad.
I will say that April has been probably the worst month in a long time..for all of us.  My older girls are struggling and their hearts are being hurt by this whole moving situation and I struggle with a hurt heart for them.  Middle school is a hard age...kids not being invited to parties from kids we considered good friends..all of a sudden.  It all hurts.  I did not expect some of this.  So it can knock you down a little...
And you have to go back and look at the big picture.  We came with 8 of us and we will leave with 8 of us.  We have each other.  We have not had much other family for 3 years and we tried to make up for that loss of family with friends..the Coast Guard is a small community that has often felt like family...but this time things have been different and we just need to adjust.
We all do the best we can..that is what I tell myself and my kids.  When they feel heart broken over feeling like their friends have already forgotten them..I try and reassure us both that we all are doing the best we can...
And then I remind myself that I must always try and do my best for them too...


  1. Family is where it's at, my dear. If that insight is all you have gained from this tour in the Great State, you have much to be thankful for. Friends come and go (and I do hope you come to us!) but family is FOREVER! My children have had to learn, and yours as well, that they are each other's best friends.

  2. Your right. I have gained a lot here and I am grateful for all that my kids have gotten too. It's a journey and sometimes the road feels a bit bumpier than I would like. But I'm glad I'm on it with these guys.
    I hope we can come see you too. We only have 13 days to get to Florida... It's a tight trip this time.

  3. good byes are hard - I hope that your next home will be beautiful. Your pictures are always so gorgeous

  4. The middle school years and girl drama are incredibly hard. I can't imagine adding a big move on top of that. And moving every month- so many transitions would be difficult for anyone even if it wasn't the worst place ever. That's a whole lot on your plate, mama.

    1. Middle school has been hard and I am glad I get a small break in between the next group of kids going. Transition is hard and I never realize how hard until it is all over and the dust settles and life goes back to normal..then I realize how hard it all was. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. I have a break from girls and middle school right now...one on the other side, thankfully and one about ready to enter. Those years can be over the top hard, but they can also be a building block of sorts. It is painful when friends hurt and disappoint, but your girls will be stronger in the long run. Blessings to you and your sweet family as you move on.