Friday, April 1, 2016

Planning Our Trip











Now that we are 8 weeks away from leaving Sitka Pete and I have begun to plan our trip back east.
We have a shorter time than we would like, but I can kind of get anxious about getting to where we need to be and I have a hard time enjoying the journey.
But I am trying to plan to enjoy this journey.  This will be the first time we have taken a trip like this when I have not been pregnant or have a 1 year old with us.  Our kids are getting older which makes some things more possible.  But plans come with a price tag and that can be a bummer.
I wish I was the "let's just camp" type of girl...but I'm not.  I'm more of a lets find a really good restaurant near a cute hotel type of girl.

We are trying to have some anchors in our trip so we plan around those events.  Guess what my anchor is???

Going to Tolt in Carnation Washington.  Pete wants to fly fish in Bozeman Montana.  And I think we are going t try to get Lucy to celebrate her birthday at the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin.  But the rest we are trying to fill in.  Any cool spots you guys know of?...preferably near a cute yarn store??


  1. Oh golly. what a fun and nerve wracking trip! I wish I were of some help in planning...I'm just not in that area of the country. Have you looked into AirBNB? I know they have homes or apartments that will accommodate our larger family and often times for less money that two+ hotel rooms. Have fun, stress a little and savor each day.

  2. Last summer we drove all over the western United States. We would tent camp for two nights, and then stay at a KOA campground cabin to do laundry and sleep on a real bed. The cabins don't have linens (you have to use your own sleeping bags), but they are in some really neat places. We stayed at one in Livingston just north of Yellowstone. Our cabin was right on the river (near Bozeman). One of the neatest places we visited and wish we could have stayed longer was Devil's Tower. Definitely worth the stop! Little Big Horn was also a great visit and offers a great perspective on our country's history. We also stayed at a KOA just south of Jackson Hole that was very convenient to the Grand Tetons. No matter where you stop, you will just enjoy the experience! Safe travels!!!!

  3. Well you could detour and stop in Alberta and visit us, we have a lovely yarn shop nearby as well as West Edmonton Mall...just sayin lol! We have horses and all manner of animals to be enjoyed and many lakes for swimming... and I have 5 kids! Hope you have a fantastic trip! Planning is my favorite part of a big trip!

  4. Oh, Lisa, it's for real, you're leaving. I love your photos. Each of them takes me somewhere deep inside myself--reminding me of the great beauty and great struggle of living in Alaska.

  5. Two comments:
    Cute yarn store in Stillwater, Minnesota. It's a few miles off of the interstate, but Stillwater is such a fantastic little town, you would really enjoy making a stop there. All these old, industrial buildings that have been turned into shops and restaurants. Lots of antiques. Quaint. And the yarn store is easy to find, it's called "Darn Knit Anyway". :)

    You will literally be driving past my house once you cross over into Wisconsin! :) Please wave to me as you go by. lol

    Wisconsin Dells & the Great Wolf Lodge is a super fun place to celebrate a birthday! We'd love to meet up with you. We are fellow Catholics, 25-year veteran Marine Corps family, and we're totally not creepy stalkers. LOL But I would love to meet your beautiful family. We could knit while the kids and husbands do their thang in the pools and the waterslides. :)

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