Friday, January 29, 2016

Making Home..changing states
















Where to begin...maybe to say I think a change of name on this very neglected blog may be in order...
The Little House That Moves (seems as though the growing part is sadly over).

We are headed back to DC!  We took a 3 year detour from DC when we moved here to Alaska...but we are headed back.

We have decided to move to Maryland this time.  I love Virginia..and I wanted to slip right back to where we left.  But we have found that you NEVER really move back.  Moving forward is tricky when you are moving "back".  We thought we were moving "back" here to Sitka..but time makes going "back" near impossible.

We are excited about where we seem to be ending up.  Leaving here will be a struggle for all of us.  You get very used to 9 miles of road...8000 people and a very very calm way of life.  Simple is an understatement.  Life is nowhere like this in the DC area. We know that!  We are all bracing ourselves for what we know will be a very hard transition.  
But this is how it goes..there is always good with the hard..and hard with the good.

It has been hard to reflect on because for a long time I was in denial that I was going to leave here.  In the midst of struggling with weather and lack of seeing family I knew this place has been good for my kids and they all LOVE it here.  And taking them away from what they LOVE is hard...

But this mama who has been Island bound for a very long time...little visit's with her mama and a ridiculous amount of difficulty getting my hands on simple essentials like boys boxer briefs without waiting 2 weeks for amazon to deliver is getting VERY excited for what is to come.

And the best part is..I have found a church...a really good church.  Done!

Now we get to enjoy Sitka for 5 more months and I get to know that I loved almost every minute and I will forget the gray skies and rain a soon as we get south.  I always remember the very best of the place you leave..and I will leave a very big part of my heart here!


  1. Oh wow ... that is quite the move. I hope that it will go well for you as I know adjustments can be hard. Goodbyes are rough but hellos are exciting. Beautiful photos

  2. Welcome back (soon) to the lower 48.
    Omgoodness that picture of the kids! They are really growing so fast.
    I understand the excitement of the move and understand the hard by moving the kids from something they know and love. Hope it is a wonderful move for you all. Keep us posted.....

  3. When I was a child, my Dad was transferred meaning news schools, friends etc. I have never done it as a Mom and I think that would be far more difficult. Such a beautiful place you are leaving, but such a rich, historical place you are heading to....although you already know that. Good luck and best wishes for a simple transition.

  4. I'm hoping to attend every March for Life for the next three years, so hopefully I'll be able to see y'all!

  5. Welcome back to the area! (-ish) :) I hope the move goes well, and maybe we'll see you sometime when you're back in the DC area!