Monday, December 14, 2015

Sorry Carrie It Took So Long....















It is 3:00.  Pretty much dark...not pitch black dark, but definitely getting close.  It was very cold over the weekend with ice everywhere, but not much snow.  My kids still managed to eat handfuls and have their hands freezing within minutes of stepping outside.

I have a fresh garland hanging over my front door this year with white lights and I love it.  I'm not much of an outside decorator...but I do love lights on the outside and I appreciate other people who do it.

It would be awesome to have a cold Christmas break this year.  Then we would have snow and not just rain.  Which makes it brighter and putting the extra work aside...way more fun to be out in.

We have not been outside much in a few months.  The kids have been so busy and it getting dark by 3:30 makes it hard to be out after school.

And just for the record...I am NOT complaining...I am recording.  This is it for our Alaska Christmas/Winter.  I will love every minute.

What I Am Reading:
I have mostly been listening to books this fall.  The last one I finished was The End of the Affair by Graham Green.  It was good.  Not the best book to run to at 5:00 am...but I did enjoy it.

I also listened to Fahrenheit 451,  Seven Men and Seven Woman by Eric Metaxas, Bradstreet Gate by Robin Kirman, Everything that Rises Must Converge by Flannery O'Connor....

But I have a new obsession when it comes to listening while running, Catholic Stuff You Should Know and This American Life podcast.

What I Am Making:

I knit a sweater with Brooklyn Tweed yarn.  It took me awhile to finish and I do love it.  I wish I knit the sleeves a little longer.  I have knit several hats...that have been promptly lost.

I have been making people $$ at all the bake sales I have been asked to do.  I built a lemonade stand this summer and it has been well traveled around town.  I have made $800-$1700 for the organizations that were raising money.  I love doing them...but after the weekend is over I am usually like...that is the last one I am doing...

I have also been a bit obsessed with making iced sugar cookies.  And like everything else I get obsessed with I instantly create a future for myself doing that particular "craft".  So in my mind I have been the owner of: a yarn store that sells my own died yarn, a pie shop, a rustic furniture store with my own crafted rustic stuff, and now a Sugar Cookie Shop...

And the reality of my life sets in....

What I Know; 

My house is for sale and that is all together stressful, sad and exciting at the same time.

My oldest daughter is so sad about we all are, but she is especially sad.  My poor girl.

I love my Christmas tree this year.  I got it at an vintage pop up shop in town and I am so in love with my vintage Christmas tree...and I put white lights on it.


  1. I love reading your posts Lisa and hope one day to visit Alaska.
    I am sorry your girl is so sad, I understand her feelings. I was
    raised in the military [Marines], we moved 21 times by the time I
    was 18, and while it was hard, I saw so many places I wouldn't have
    seen otherwise.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. I was so excited to see this. I love looking at pictures of your kids and your life in Alaska. We are so lucky to have your wonderful family in our lives. Have a wonderful holiday season. Love to you and your family. Stop over for a visit!!!! Love ya Carrie

  3. Busy, busy! Love hearing about your life in Alaska. Blessings

  4. Merry Christmas! Wishing your family blessings, joy, and peace this wonderful season.

  5. hey Lisa. this is Angela Wilson. how are you all doing? we are all wondering and waiting to hear the moving plans!! What is going on?? We miss you all. God bless.

  6. Your photos of the dancers are so beautiful. I'm trying to create a website for the Sitka Studio of Dance and was wondering if we could use a few for the project. They perfectly fit the aesthetic of the website, which is uncluttered and minimalist. -Clarice