Monday, October 5, 2015

Teens And God










When I set out to have kids never did I imagine I would have 6.  My faith was not a big part of my life in the beginning of my parenting journey.  And now I can't imagine doing one without having the other.

I was pretty late to the game when it came to relationship with God.  And I would still consider myself a freshman in faith.  And to think of where I was when I was a teen, I could only use the word...inconvenienced.  Me being Catholic was a major damper when it came to my young self.  I HAD to go to CCD...mass occasionally...that was it.  And that was enough to be burdened by God at that age.

I was so removed that I did not even realize I was removed.

But now I have teens...and my hope is they don't have the same detachment that I did.   I very much want them to be attached . But the truth is...they may not be.  They will question, and deny and turn away.  We all do.  They will to.  Jesus had people turn away right in front of him.  I will not be more persuasive than Him...I am sure of that.

I will do things differently then some...and other ways may be better...but my greatest prayer is that each of them will love God and rely on him and have Him be part of their life.  I know faith does not make things easier..or better...or more fun in a teens mind.  But I HOPE they will find it was worth it.


  1. My 15 year old has been complaining and does not want to go to church with us on Sundays. It feels awful. I'm saying a similar prayer.

  2. Each child is so different, to boot. Our son, 21 today , and daughter 18, were both raised in the same Catholic home...CCD, Mass most weeks, the whole bit. They each have a completely different outlook on their Faith. Our daughter is at college and attending Mass every week on her own. Our son, not so much. I think we all pray the same prayers as parents.

  3. There are three things we can and must do to help our children stay close to God and the Church, even through adolescence:

    1. Set an example of faith and faithfulness. Show them what it means to be Catholic!
    2. Be REAL. Teens have the most acute BS detectors and they want to know REAL answers to their questions.
    3. Pray. Here is the prayer I have been praying for my children ever since, by God's grace, I became Catholic 12 years ago:
    O Heavenly Father, I commend my children to Thy care. Be Thou their God and Father, and mercifully supply whatever is lacking in me through frailty or negligence. Strengthen them to overcome the corruptions of the world, whether from within or without; and deliver them from the secret snares of the enemy. Pour Thy grace into their hearts, and strengthen and multiply in them the gifts of Thy Holy Spirit, that they may daily grow in grace and in knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ; and so, faithfully serving Thee here, may come to rejoice in Thy presence hereafter. Amen.

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