Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Yarn Girls







I have been pretty obsessed lately with knitting.  I go through phases with how much I knit.  This time I feel like I am more involved then ever.  I wrote Ginny an email and had to erase half of it because I felt like it was a bit dramatic the way I was describing my feelings on knitting...maybe not info I need to share if I want people to think I have not lost my mind.  It is just wool, sticks and loops after all.  

For now I have landed on making HATS...a lot of hats.  The 100 Stitch Slouch has been my pattern of choice.  I have made several hats using the white, black and yellow color combo.  I can't stop myself.  I have lots of Tosh yarn so I have been using that up.  I love the stitch definition Tosh yarn has...especially  with hats.

And of course my very favorite thing to knit for my girls is the Sunday Sweater from Ginny.  I am eagerly awaiting my new yarn for this year's new sweater....

I am not sure if anything makes me happier than seeing them march off to school with hand knits on...I'm serious.  I get a little too excited if you ask them.  I pretty much follow them around with my camera.