Thursday, July 16, 2015

Not Being Their Toy








Summer days lead to a lot of mama filling each and every minute.  It seems that some of them need minutes filled more than others.  I get in the habit of filling them and then realize part of the story for each of them is filling up their own moments.

There is a balance of being irritated with interruptions because I FEEL like doing something, and forcing them out of the habit of taking each and every minute from me when they are in my presence.  I am not a huge internet person...but there are a few things that I do on the whenever they see me sit down they seem to be instantly attracted to my shoulder.  I feel bad sometimes shooing them away.  I should be present to them....and really, I am, for the most part...but not EVERY SINGLE part. There is just life that needs to happen outside of being part of my kids every waking minute.  Some times they need to wait...or be turned away...or even left on their own to solve life's biggest challenge...what to do when you are bored.

Life is boring sometimes..the other day for whatever reason I was just BORED...I did not feel like doing was gray outside ...but not raining.  I just felt bored.  I just gave in to it.  I did not do much to change it.

So, as important as it is to love them, be there for them, look them in the is just as important to let them be bored, struggle in nothingness ...because that never goes away.  

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