Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Almost Garden






We are surrounded by GRAY around my house.  I have a talented neighbor who has changed her gray into a lush looking green by all the gardening she has done with her rock.

...I have been inspired.  I have attempted to make a "garden" on my gray rock.  Just like my "quilting"...I am hacking my way through a "garden".

But...what I am most proud of is all the things I have made to start my "garden" efforts....

I actually built the white bench you see pictured with the white table.  Another pilot made that table for me and a guy at church made the other bench that sits with my table.  I painted it all white because I have a problem with NOT painting things white.  But...just to restate...I BUILT the other white bench.  Kinda excited about that...

And guess what else???  I BUILT the cedar planters that hold my NEW SHRUBS....there are a total of 3 cedar is not in the picture but it is just as adorable as the other 2....oh and I built the white planter TOO!!!

And the sawhorse table in the top picture...I want to be more excited about that table but I am not as happy as I want to be about how it turned out.  I may be guilty of being a super impatient I kind of IGNORE mistakes and move on....which sometimes works in knitting....but not effective in building.  But...there is a place in my heart for my first SUPER imperfect table.  I think there is another table in my future.

****planter box on imperfect table...I MADE IT TOO!!
**** Burlap bunting....ME TOO!!!  That needs to come down, but we had a little party on the 3rd...but I want to live with it up but then it does not feel special when I put it up...what to do??


p.s I made that lemonade stand you see in the background...that was super fun and has helped sell LOTS of cookies.  And for our little party it served as a drink stand.


  1. Awesome projects! You did a great job! I love the white too!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Thank you... I have been so excited about them

  3. You are amazing in so many ways. A true Gardner needs a planters bench. New project idea?!