Thursday, July 16, 2015

Not Being Their Toy








Summer days lead to a lot of mama filling each and every minute.  It seems that some of them need minutes filled more than others.  I get in the habit of filling them and then realize part of the story for each of them is filling up their own moments.

There is a balance of being irritated with interruptions because I FEEL like doing something, and forcing them out of the habit of taking each and every minute from me when they are in my presence.  I am not a huge internet person...but there are a few things that I do on the whenever they see me sit down they seem to be instantly attracted to my shoulder.  I feel bad sometimes shooing them away.  I should be present to them....and really, I am, for the most part...but not EVERY SINGLE part. There is just life that needs to happen outside of being part of my kids every waking minute.  Some times they need to wait...or be turned away...or even left on their own to solve life's biggest challenge...what to do when you are bored.

Life is boring sometimes..the other day for whatever reason I was just BORED...I did not feel like doing was gray outside ...but not raining.  I just felt bored.  I just gave in to it.  I did not do much to change it.

So, as important as it is to love them, be there for them, look them in the is just as important to let them be bored, struggle in nothingness ...because that never goes away.  

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Camp



























Not being able to all get off the island together has made family trips a bit of an issue these last 2 years.  I can be of split mind on the topic of family vacations...they are expensive and not always in the cards financially.  And for us it has not been really practical the last few years with the combination of expense and kids ages and stages.

But what I do wholeheartedly think is families need to have fun together.  And this is most important for me to remember. I can very easily get caught up in all I have to do, should do and want to do around the house.  I need to laugh with these guys, and just hang out sometimes...which can be a challenge for me.

So...we decided to try for an off island camp trip.  A trip I had to stay with everyone on...not sneek home for a shower.  No camp cheating...the real deal!!

We got a little boat last fall when our priest died and the church had a silent auction for Father's boat and boat trailer...After Pete's eyes lite up in mass he immediately put a bid in ...$300.  And by God's grace and Father Jim's blessing we got the boat.



It was very much a blessing and we have used that little boat SO much.  I told the kids the only way we would be able to get a boat here in Alaska was if God dropped one in our laps..and He basically did!!

So...Pete wanted to take us to a cabin about 4 miles from town. He knew it would take some luck and a huge amount of work to make it happen...but we really wanted to try.

To actually get to the cabin Pete took 3 trips.  One was just to land our gear there, then people were hauled in 2 separate groups.  And another item that was with us all along the way... RAIN!!  It really never let up.  There was 100% chance of rain both Friday and Saturday.  And it was accurate...

We made the best of it all.  The kids were so excited and we were all together.  We kept telling ourselves that this may be one of those trips more enjoyed when it is over...and I would have to say that is ABSOLUTELY true for me!!

I am proud of us for making it happen.  We did it!  I never left.  We were wet...very very wet..and just a touch dirtier than I enjoyed.  Definitely rookies when it came to gear we brought with us...neither Pete or I are big gadget people...we kind of just brought the minimal stuff we needed and for the most part it worked.

Not sure if I would say I LOVE camping..yet.  I know that I would much prefer to not have it raining the entire time..but that goes for about everything ...I would always prefer less rain.  But us all together...Pete taking care of us all and doing such a great job...I LOVED that.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yarn Along








A very useful pass time...

Take pictures of yarn.....

Post pictures of yarn....

Check back to see if anyone commented about you posting yarn....


And guess what???  I went out to dinner last night and I wore my shawl...which was the most amazingly fun thing I have worn in a long time.  I have knit a ton of things and sometimes they never get worn...not this little beauty.  She will be worn...


I'm knitting a sweater from the book pictured above.  I am on the fence about if I like it or not.  I made a mistake somewhere and CUT some of the yarn yesterday so I could rip back to a place to start over.  You can imagine how excited that made me....

But I am pretty invested $$ in this sweater so I will finish it...and hopefully love it....


Check out Ginny's sweater...which I wanted to knit as well ...but went for a different one...maybe I should start that one instead ...?????

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Almost Garden






We are surrounded by GRAY around my house.  I have a talented neighbor who has changed her gray into a lush looking green by all the gardening she has done with her rock.

...I have been inspired.  I have attempted to make a "garden" on my gray rock.  Just like my "quilting"...I am hacking my way through a "garden".

But...what I am most proud of is all the things I have made to start my "garden" efforts....

I actually built the white bench you see pictured with the white table.  Another pilot made that table for me and a guy at church made the other bench that sits with my table.  I painted it all white because I have a problem with NOT painting things white.  But...just to restate...I BUILT the other white bench.  Kinda excited about that...

And guess what else???  I BUILT the cedar planters that hold my NEW SHRUBS....there are a total of 3 cedar is not in the picture but it is just as adorable as the other 2....oh and I built the white planter TOO!!!

And the sawhorse table in the top picture...I want to be more excited about that table but I am not as happy as I want to be about how it turned out.  I may be guilty of being a super impatient I kind of IGNORE mistakes and move on....which sometimes works in knitting....but not effective in building.  But...there is a place in my heart for my first SUPER imperfect table.  I think there is another table in my future.

****planter box on imperfect table...I MADE IT TOO!!
**** Burlap bunting....ME TOO!!!  That needs to come down, but we had a little party on the 3rd...but I want to live with it up but then it does not feel special when I put it up...what to do??


p.s I made that lemonade stand you see in the background...that was super fun and has helped sell LOTS of cookies.  And for our little party it served as a drink stand.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Half Way There














As of July 1st I am almost 40.  I will admit to being a little "bummed" about the whole ordeal.  Don't get me wrong, I love my birthday.  But this number does bring a pause for most people.  Forty is the age that middle school girls think is really old.  At least I did.

I can write nothing new about aging, or what it feels like, or how you should do it.

But I can try and enjoy it.  I can do so much more at this age.  I am WAY more active than I was at 20...or even 30.  I have so many interests that it is hard to keep up with myself.  I have more to look forward to then I ever did before.  I watch less TV.  I run more.  I say sorry more because I know how easily I make mistakes and I hate it.  I give more.

There is a bit of sadness that can creep in when you look at a number that is attached to you...saying goodbye to traditional "youth"....getting older means loosing more people in your life...but it is also the beginning of something new.

tomorrow has not come
We Have Only Today

 -mother teresa