Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Thing About Instagram








Instagram envy...it is a real thing.  I think for visual people like myself the envy feels sneaky...Your not looking for envy...your just looking for beauty.  I love seeing beautiful pictures...I love having hope and vision from others perspective....but then suddenly you click off your phone, walk away and feel..MAD...

What??  Where did that come from??  I realize that every moment of someones life is not sharable...or beautiful.  But I do like the concept of focusing on the positive...looking at beauty as something to be admired just because it is beautiful...even if I have nothing to do with it.

But my own darn human nature means there is only so much of someone else's beauty I can handle.  That does not mean that I want to hear or see their NOT beautiful moments.  It just means that I am humble enough to know my own weakness and I stay away from it.

And then there is the "hurt" factor..I can see people liking other peoples moments..but not mine...which makes me think..."wow, so and so did not "like" this moment...maybe it was not that great, or beautiful..."

What...why all of a sudden am I quantifying my moments according to others??

It is all a jumble of good, bad and ugly when it comes to social anything...be it media or personal.  But mostly I find that it makes me work hard on me..my own faults, my own pride and my humility.

And dare I forget that truly what matters is the people I most deeply effect "like" all our beautiful moments!! ....even if I don't post them for the world to see...

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  1. How would I find you on Instagram? I'd love to follow you!