Monday, June 15, 2015












Sorry I have not been back for awhile...I was really busy feeling sorry for myself.  That has taken up a lot of June so far, and if  I'm honest I think it took over the end of May too...I realize we are halfway through June.  I think I am all done.  I hope I am.  This little slump took FOREVER to get over.

I am not sure what brought it on...I could list what I think it was..

.fear of what will happen next year when we are going to be moving to WHO KNOWS WHERE, wanting that to happen sooner some days and never other days (super logical),

..... a very close friend leaving

..... a teenager whom I adore and hope she will one day adore me again,

....... being left behind on a trip Pete had to go on and we did not plan on me going but then when he was leaving I FELL APART about not going (again...super logical)

......fear of a summer full of rain and kids....

But last night right before going to mass I decided I was done..this is silly.  And for whatever reason, at that moment, it worked,

....who cares where we are going...we will all be together...

.....I made a close friend here and it will happen again... teenager does love me..duhh

.....I did not need to go on this trip, this time.  We have a bigger picture..I just forgot that for a few days (even after he reminded me)

.... I get my sharing with school and the rain will be here NO MATTER WHAT!!!

And look at these pictures...this is where I live.  After dinner, on a sunny night I get to go on a boat ride with a guy I have been married to for 19 years...who I still adore ...with children that adore us both.  I get that...why waste my time...


  1. I hope you are out of your slump soon and greet each day with a smile.
    I grew up in a military family [my dad was a Marine] so we moved a lot, 21
    times by the time I was 18, then I married a man who was in the Air Force
    so I know all about the uncertainty of military life. Right now I am preparing to
    say goodbye to my daughter, grand daughter and son in law as they are moving
    to Germany [Army], sigh.
    Oh those teenagers, aren't they fun?
    I love where you live and wish I was there right now. It's so hot and humid here and I am just
    waiting for winter.
    Happy Day!

  2. Grappeling with emotions is just part of it huh? I think in the long run, all that matters is that we get "there." That we eventually see the light. Goodbyes are so hard though...I hope that you will find a new normal wherever it is that you are going. I'm glad that you are able to count your blessings :)

  3. Oh the waiting for your next assignment is agony. Luckily this time we were blindsided with orders to MCAS Beaufort, SC. After carefully planning how each item will be transported via plane, car, or moving van we are settled. Almost. This area has exceeded my expectations. Nature out rules any trace of human disruption in about 80 percent of any scenario. The only problem is the schools. Even the catholic high school has been ruled out by my ex-catholic principal mom. Next year the boys will attend the DOD school for 7th and 8th and it will buy me time to figure out high school. I can't wait to hear where your going and your adventure getting there!