Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My "quilt"








It has not rained at all in the month of May...that has been AMAZING!!  Life with no rain feels so very easy.  People playing outside, things to do on the weekend, not being wet, all make for a happy mama with a little extra pep in her step.

And energy abounds when the sun is shining.  Last week I dug out a "quilt" from last summer and decided to finish it.  I love bringing these "quilts" to the beach with us and this summer required a new one.  I bought the fabric and started this "quilt" last summer...but lost steam with it.  I have not done much sewing this school year, but all of a sudden I needed to finish this guy..and I did.

Now I pretty much carry it with me wherever I go, asking people to not block my view of it..and please do not actually sit on it unless you are CLEAN...which is NEVER...I take pictures of it every day and just generally LOVE it.

I put the word "quilt" in quotations ...because I feel really bad insulting quilters by calling this a quilt. I buy fabric, cut it up, sew it back together, make a quilt sandwich (batting in the middle), sew lines that are no where near straight all over the sewn fabric, fold over the sides and sew a fake binding.  I then get overly excited and treat it like a family heirloom, and just generally LOVE it to death.  I feel like it is a bit more than a blanket so I do call it a quilt.

I need a new quilt to work on, but I have 2 knitting projects I want to knit and that will be where my extra dollars go right now...but I am going to start looking.

I have found Instagram to be a great source of inspiration for knitting projects.  I have fallen down many an Instagram rabbit hole involving knitting...and I think I may try that for sewing.  It is very motivating.  But I know I struggle with the all or nothing mind set...so I do tread carefully when I feel swept up by all the things I want to do.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Want To Remember:








This passed weekend was a big one for my oldest son. There is a fine line between sharing and bragging and I am very sensitive to that. Especially because I know that in this house NOBODY is perfect...even if the picture makes it look so.

But I do need to document things and this has been the place where the visual meets the actual in some cases...

And I want to remember these days ...for this boy.

May 16, 2015 Jack and I did a mini triathlon together.  After he insisted on entering the event I was excited to do this with him.  It was his birthday weekend and I knew it would be fun for him and I to do together.  He is VERY much a daddy's guy...Pete is his world and he is fine with filling it with all things dad...so I thought this may be a chance to visit that world with him.

We ran together , and biked together as he competed as the youngest in the competition.  He did this...all on his own.  Each event he was tired and hesitant to go on, but he did!! I did not do the swim portion with him.  I would like to say that I opted out of that so I could cheer him on and coach him through 20 laps...but it was really about my hair.  I was not willing to get my hair in that pool...

He finished in 53 minutes and I was exploding with pride and tears. He has not even realized the fact that he has inspired many people by his accomplishment.  His siblings and some of his buddies want to compete next year..and you can assured that he inspired me..as always.

And then the best moment of all...his first Holy Communion.  The joy and excitement of their first Eucharist is so amazingly wonderful that I can never explain how happy it makes me.  He was more than ready..and I can't imagine the grace our Lord has for this boy.  His face and heart were glowing with excitement and now he feels like he is a real Catholic boy.

My mom and I decorated the church hall for a party after and made a ton of food.  The whole event was very Pinterest worthy...but I never took more than 1 instagram shot...oh well...it's better to live it then share it sometimes.

And then Jack turned 9 the next day.  Spending the day making him feel special was a great way to end his 8th year of life and begin his very 1st day as a boy who has the grace of the Eucharist....

My parents were here..and now they are gone ...and that is always hard.

Monday, May 18, 2015