Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What Inspires Me

I tend to get easily inspired.  When I see something new or exciting I can instantly be on board.  This reaction can sometimes  move me in the right direction.  Awhile back I was struggling with the darkness of winter,  I knew that making things with wood and nails would help lift me out of that feeling. So I would go on Pinterest, get inspired, find easy woodworking projects, and that process saved me many dark days.

Then I kinda had a little dark night of the soul go on after Pete's dad died. I just felt sad and completely empty of faith or desire.  Then came Lent.  Among the many blessings I gained during Lent, one was remembering how inspiring I find other Catholic moms and love connecting with them...then I let myself feel a little sorry for myself and say..."'poor me, there are no other moms in this area that want to get together and talk faith, family and just Catholic stuff."

I let that go on for a bit and then thought...maybe other moms here feel the same way..maybe I can be the one to bring us together.  If I am not being fed..maybe I should try and do some feeding...you know what I mean?

One of the blogs that helped me out of my dark night was catholicallyear...I love her!!  I want to have 7 children with the 8th on the way...I would like to live in a sunny place and I want to go to her St. Patrick's day party.  I was also super drawn to all her created printables.

So..put all that together and I decided to start a Rosary Group at my own little church.  I am giving the Lord a very small mustard seed..

So I made a pretty flyer, made coffee and waited at church last Wednesday.  One mom came!
Instead of being sad or disappointed, I was overjoyed.  Somebody else wanted to be there.  They may have even liked my flyer enough to come..or maybe they wanted to pray the Rosary...whichever...

I am inspired by so many things.  And those inspirations have led to many great things and I have high hopes for what God has for me through this little group and another one I am hoping to start (which of course will be advertised with a cute flyer..inspired by Kendra Tierney )

moms flyer 2

moms flyer

And then there is this:

Catholic Calendar

Remember Young Catholic Girl that my friends daughter writes?  She has written a  liturgical publication that she sends out eight times a year PACKED with Catholic goodness for young girls.  She does a beautiful job and the last issue we got  inspired me to make this little flyer to put up at our church.

 I figure if I try to live the liturgical a bit more closely then I might at well share it with others to make me a bit more committed.  Once I put the Rosary Group flyer up I asked Father if I could have a little corner of the bulletin board to put up Catholic Family life stuff.  After getting this calender from Sarah it became the first thing I put on that family life board..thank you Sarah.

 Sarah, the publisher of Young Catholic Girl would love to add your family to her list.  You will love it! Comment or e-mail me if you want to be added to her mailing list.

Just this little change I have made in trying to connect more with people in my parish has lifted my spirits and made me feel less sorry for myself about not having the same community I used to have.

Like Field of Dreams..build it and they will come (there may be a much better biblical quote to use instead of Field of Dreams...but that's all I've got right now).

molly 4

Then I started putting words on pictures and had all kinds of fun...and this one is so true....The one in this picture hugging the little one..she inspires me....


More on What Inspires Me another day..there is plenty.
Feel free to leave a link to what inspires you...in case you have one handy.


  1. I know exactly what you mean and I love your heart!! Where two or more are gathered: ) The way I came to find our Ministry of Moms Sharing was talking to our pastor as I walked a little one outside close to the end of mass. I told him of my desire to start a group and low and behold thee was already one, I just had never heard about it--largely in part to not reading the bulletin, it was often a paper to draw on and hopefully keep someone a little quiet through the earlier years. At the time I couldn't attend because I worked outside the home teaching part time. Then last year I cut back and taught only one day a week so I went. I was the only public school mama there, BUT I know God used our public school story to minister to others who have since made some changes due to circumstances or whatnot. So this year, I am no longer alone. . .and I was asked in January to step up and lead!! Only God!! There's also a group of public school mamas that walk around the campus (off campus) and pray three times a year. It's very informal and the prayers are many, but I love that it's something: ) I will pray for your group and would love to be added to the liturgical publication. My email is janenes2001@yahoo.com.

    1. Actually Jane if you want to e-mail
      teachermom24@gmail.com your address she will send you Young Catholic Girl

      And thank you for your sharing about your group. I thought that was very cool yesterday when I read that you just started leading your group. I'm very encouraged. I just can't hang around wanting something to happen..I have to make it happen myself.

  2. Email sent: ) Thanks!! Yes, making it happen must be part of God's plan for you! I'll keep you in prayer because I prayed for years about so many things regarding our part in the church. ..and Lisa, God has been so faithful!!! http://everydayeo.blogspot.com/2014/11/full-circle.html

  3. Though I'm not in a remote area, I often feel like I'm on the fringes of most social groups. I homeschool one, have one in high school, one in college, and one graduated/working. Lots of subgroups, but being at home keeps me from joining any social groups, and my health keeps me from running around too much. I have no Catholic neighbors and a select few Catholic friends locally. We just don't live in a Catholic city. I have often wanted to hold a rosary group, but there are several at church -- all at times I can not attend, and I just haven't done it myself.

    If you want to broaden your audience, you might use "Catholic women" instead of moms. Many mothers of older children feel the word "moms" means mothers to littles (at least I always do). And you might have women who are feeling lonely because they are not moms.

    Sometimes it just takes connecting to one person to build on. And in God's time, you will.

  4. Wow, that's so great (and inspiring!), Lisa. Well done. I am a public school mom who reads all the Catholic homeschooling blogs, too. I love our public school, but we still need to "homeschool" to teach the faith. :)