Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Running With My Rosary

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Two weekends ago I could not find my headphones before running.  Not having that much time I decided to just hurry up and run ...without ear buds, which is not at all what I usually do.

As I was running I decided I would pray a Rosary.  Why not?  I had plenty of time and it was raining pretty steady so I did not think people who passed me could see my mouth moving.

My history with the rosary is typical.  I pray it as often as I can, but not nearly as much as I should.  Getting distracted, and dare I say sleepy, seems to be a devotion of it's own for me when I am praying it.

But on this day I was not in danger of falling asleep and I was VERY focused.  It felt like a long over due conversation I was having.  I would say the mystery and then give a little chit chat along with it.  After running out of things to say I would say my Hail Mary's.  My mind would wonder after each mystery...but it would be drawn right back.  This felt like true prayer for me.

How can that be?  I am not on my knees.  I am not in adoration?  I am not journaling in an adorable journal with a super cute pen.  How can this be prayer?

If prayer is supposed to connect and elevate your heart and mind to God then that is exactly what it did that day.  And the whole time I am running I am realizing that of course I can pray better like this.  This is how He made me...busy and constantly moving, full of thoughts but often short on time.  He is always there.  Always where I am.  Running is no different.

Since that day I have lost my ear buds several times.  At first I blamed Emily...she must be taking them.  But no, she wasn't.  I keep putting them in random places.  Now all I can think is God kinda liked our chit chat too!!


  1. I almost always fall asleep praying the rosary -- in fact, my twine rosary stays in bed. If I'm praying during the day I get very sleepy, but I don't think that's a lack of focus, that's being very relaxed, and that's good. Our minds can be with God when we are relaxed. I tried praying the rosary while swimming -- that wasn't so easy! ;-)

  2. I think God has His hand in your ear bud "mislocations"!

  3. I told a priest that I was having trouble staying awake & finishing my rosary. His reply, " when you fall asleep the angels finish it for you!"