Friday, April 10, 2015

Others Are Watching






*not our church but a very beautiful Episcopal church







*It's almost painful to look at these pictures taken last Friday when we were treated to 3 days of no rain.  It is snowing right


The other day I took the little kids up to the library in town.  Let me just say we have the best library here and we use it often.  But sadly I mostly only have 4 of the 6 with me when I go.  It seems like less and less I have all 6 together when we run little errands.

I brought  a small pile up to check out and before the librarian opened my account I gave her a warning to not be alarmed when she saw my very large fine and that I was well aware of it.

She actually SIGHED in relief and said to me "Oh good, I often think to myself how you do all that you do with your kids and you seem to have it altogether."

She was giddy to find out that I have at least one flaw, probably a big one to her, late book/movie returner.  I laughed and told her...late books were just the tip of my inabilities.

I continued on, but the little interaction stayed with me..I think it was the sigh..and the twinkle in her eye when she found fault with me.  My fault gave her a little boost ...I made her feel better by showing a weakness.  I was humbled to think that my mistake could give her a smile, for even a moment.  But the part that really stayed with me was, she said she thought of me often.  I never would have known that or considered my effect on her.

It was such a reminder to me. Because I walk around surrounded by short, cute people I draw attention to myself and if I like it or not people make judgments.   We all do that.  Then we stack ourselves against what we notice.

I want my actions to glorify God.  I want people to leave an interaction with me feeling good about themselves.  Either because they witnessed an action on my part that they appreciated, or because they remembered that I am human...very human...weak and flawed and trying.  And sometimes I remember to try more than others.

Have A Great Weekend and remember...people are always watching what you do. NO PRESSURE WHATSOEVER!!


  1. Great thoughts. Humility...a virtue worth working at. See...being perfect might not get you to heaven after all.

  2. Yes - I have actively been pursuing being transparent. I notice that anytime I say to someone "my son has autism" it starts a conversation and other people jump in and tell me about their kids and their struggles - but I also notice that I've become the one to go first. I've told my husband that I feel isolated a lot because not many women open up as quickly haha.

  3. Hi Alyssa,
    I always feel like I am the one who shares more than others. I have no problem saying what is up...good or bad.
    I know what you mean about feeling isolated because after you have shared something and there is a creepy silence you can't help but think that you may actually be the only person in the world who has done something like that..or felt a certain way. But I have to imagine their silence is not disgust or dismay..but amazement on my ability to mess up completely.

  4. Barbara,
    My kids getting older has quickly taught me I am FAR from perfect and expecting perfection only causes heartache. I love your encouragement !!

  5. Such a good reminder. You never know how the smallest thing affects others- good or bad.