Monday, April 20, 2015

Merry Wife and Pistol











What a ride these two have me on.  Every day I find myself wondering what the end will look like for these two VERY different sisters.  One sister keeps things pretty close to her heart.  We have had a rough entry into school but I am seeing this sweet girl become all that she should.  The greatest struggles with this sister has taught me the very true meaning of Mercy.

One priest explained mercy as "pity in your heart", to have pity and compassion for the struggles of others.  I have such mercy for my sweet teen girl.  It is not easy being a teen today and I can only imagine it not being easy being my little test child.

The oldest sister was inspired by her younger sister when she watched her perform as Annie.  She wanted in on the action.  She tried out for the last play and got cast in a major role as one of the wives in the play The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare.  She nailed it.  It was set in the 1950's and she played a housewife...she loved it and she looked amazing!!

These two girls can memorize anything...something I attribute to our early days from learning at home.  Emily memorized her lines and many of the other players lines as well...I loved watching her mouth the lines of others...

And the little sister...the one who shares her heart so freely and right hand girl in all pre-teen!! The little girl I want to keep little just to have her stay ...not all the way grown up.  This sister shows me the meaning of patience EVERYDAY...not because she makes me practice it...but because I see her living it....

She was also in the play and had a much smaller role than her last...but she was AMAZING in it.  The perfect player in every sense...she played her small part very big and made it a stand out performance.

The journey these two are on is so fun to watch and be part of.  I do not do all things right or even well..but I know how to say sorry and I remember they are watching.  But mostly I remember they will not always be who they are right now..they will only get better with time..


  1. Your oldest looks so grown up in that dress! I thought it was you for a split second. What a gift sisters can be.

    1. I love that dress on her... So classy!
      I wish we all still dress like that .