Monday, March 30, 2015

You Can't Plan For This









Going into any given weekend we start with an outline of what we know is happening.  The first line on that outline starts with looking at the weather.  And at this point we are looking mostly at percentages .  If the Weather Channel says 70% chance of rain we feel somewhat hopeful.  We know the rain is a part of everyday but we find hope and fun in the 30% chance of it NOT raining ALL day.

All of that we can handle ...

It's the other stuff that makes you crash into bed at night shaking your head and being amazed at the wonder of what can always happen and usually does.

Thursday Drew falls off a bunk bed ladder and hurts his wrist.  I hope it will go away and come Friday morning we realize it will not be going away.  We take him in and after an X-ray they find a slight fracture above his little wrist bones.  They do not cast..they splint.  He hates it.  It's off by Saturday morning and then we struggle with what to do now. He seems to no longer be in any pain and moving it fine.  We may have to haul him back in to prevent further...hauling in's....

Sunday morning Lucy wakes up feeling awful...Lucy never feels awful.  Long story short we spent half the day / night in the ER and after many, many tests that were trying to see if she was having an appendicitis, we settled on Strep throat with swollen lymph nodes in her stomach causing the sharp pains and swell they saw on the ultrasound...CRAZY NIGHT!!!

Between all of that...Pete playing games with whoever asks him.  Which I find amazing...I am not a game player and the fact that he actually likes playing them amazes and delights me !!  The kids LOVE it and I know it is so good for them.  Love that.Love him!

He was the rock star of the whole weekend.  My white knight coming to my rescue all through these crazy days.  

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