Friday, March 27, 2015

Things That Happen












1.  Drew broke his little wrist yesterday.  After 24 hours of trying to will the pain away..we hauled him in to the Dr. Little break for the little guy and all is really very well.

2.  I need to make more lists...I forget half of what I want to get done, what time kids need to be places and the times of important events...maybe it is time to get down to business and make a calender.

3.  This Spring may be a bit ...full. We have 2 kids in baseball and 2 in a play, 1 making his Holy Communion, 4 girls in a dance recital.  I'm not a fan of saying.."We are so busy..."  For some reason I hate that implies to the person you are talking to that you are busy and they are not...and there is something wrong if you are not "busy"...I actually think being OK with not being busy is getting harder and harder to do these days...however, as my girls are getting older I do like to have them involved in things that grow their mind and heart, which keeps them busy....which is good, sometimes...kinda...(you see the dilemma?)

4.  I love a good laugh.  Today when we were waiting for Drew's arm situation at the hospital to be tended to Pete and I had a good laugh..just a memory of something his brother said.  But I was almost crying because of it.  I love that.

5.  My kids walk to the gas station near our house to buy junk food.  I am talking Fritos and soda type food.  They love it.  It is a short hilly walk and I know the memories they will treasure are worth the dietary suicide I am allowing...and sometimes encouraging.  This area has a fair share of super healthy green people...they are not sure what to do with us sometimes...but their kids sure love coming over here...

6.  Stations tonight and then Pizza...the girls want to go to the movies with friends.  It is a mixed group so Pete or I will go and sit alone and annoy one of my children by our presence ...We get to do this ALL the time.

7.  Despite the pictures is raining outside and there is no sun in the forecast for the next FEW THOUSAND days...which makes me want to walk on water..right off this Island...


  1. love the picture of your little girl with her two front teeth missing - gappy smiles are the best!

  2. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I feel you on the lack of sun though. I feel so much more energetic and well, happy when the sun in shining.

    As for writing things down, I love my Erin Condren planner. Expensive but I couldn't function without it. I've never been able to utilize my smartphone for a calendar. I literally have to write it down or it's like it doesn't exist.

  3. I hate being busy too. If I don't put every little thing into my phone I will forget for sure! I hope you get to see the sun soon. We are seeing it here in RI but it's so darn cold!