Monday, March 30, 2015

You Can't Plan For This









Going into any given weekend we start with an outline of what we know is happening.  The first line on that outline starts with looking at the weather.  And at this point we are looking mostly at percentages .  If the Weather Channel says 70% chance of rain we feel somewhat hopeful.  We know the rain is a part of everyday but we find hope and fun in the 30% chance of it NOT raining ALL day.

All of that we can handle ...

It's the other stuff that makes you crash into bed at night shaking your head and being amazed at the wonder of what can always happen and usually does.

Thursday Drew falls off a bunk bed ladder and hurts his wrist.  I hope it will go away and come Friday morning we realize it will not be going away.  We take him in and after an X-ray they find a slight fracture above his little wrist bones.  They do not cast..they splint.  He hates it.  It's off by Saturday morning and then we struggle with what to do now. He seems to no longer be in any pain and moving it fine.  We may have to haul him back in to prevent further...hauling in's....

Sunday morning Lucy wakes up feeling awful...Lucy never feels awful.  Long story short we spent half the day / night in the ER and after many, many tests that were trying to see if she was having an appendicitis, we settled on Strep throat with swollen lymph nodes in her stomach causing the sharp pains and swell they saw on the ultrasound...CRAZY NIGHT!!!

Between all of that...Pete playing games with whoever asks him.  Which I find amazing...I am not a game player and the fact that he actually likes playing them amazes and delights me !!  The kids LOVE it and I know it is so good for them.  Love that.Love him!

He was the rock star of the whole weekend.  My white knight coming to my rescue all through these crazy days.  

Friday, March 27, 2015

Things That Happen












1.  Drew broke his little wrist yesterday.  After 24 hours of trying to will the pain away..we hauled him in to the Dr. Little break for the little guy and all is really very well.

2.  I need to make more lists...I forget half of what I want to get done, what time kids need to be places and the times of important events...maybe it is time to get down to business and make a calender.

3.  This Spring may be a bit ...full. We have 2 kids in baseball and 2 in a play, 1 making his Holy Communion, 4 girls in a dance recital.  I'm not a fan of saying.."We are so busy..."  For some reason I hate that implies to the person you are talking to that you are busy and they are not...and there is something wrong if you are not "busy"...I actually think being OK with not being busy is getting harder and harder to do these days...however, as my girls are getting older I do like to have them involved in things that grow their mind and heart, which keeps them busy....which is good, sometimes...kinda...(you see the dilemma?)

4.  I love a good laugh.  Today when we were waiting for Drew's arm situation at the hospital to be tended to Pete and I had a good laugh..just a memory of something his brother said.  But I was almost crying because of it.  I love that.

5.  My kids walk to the gas station near our house to buy junk food.  I am talking Fritos and soda type food.  They love it.  It is a short hilly walk and I know the memories they will treasure are worth the dietary suicide I am allowing...and sometimes encouraging.  This area has a fair share of super healthy green people...they are not sure what to do with us sometimes...but their kids sure love coming over here...

6.  Stations tonight and then Pizza...the girls want to go to the movies with friends.  It is a mixed group so Pete or I will go and sit alone and annoy one of my children by our presence ...We get to do this ALL the time.

7.  Despite the pictures is raining outside and there is no sun in the forecast for the next FEW THOUSAND days...which makes me want to walk on water..right off this Island...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What I Want To Remember














This blog has had a really hard time with momentum lately.  Things have changed so much since I started blogging 5 years ago.  Not only do I not home school anymore, I have big kids and boy does life change when you have growing young adults in your midst.  It is game on ALL THE TIME.

I find it much harder to share because so much of what happens in my day to day life is constantly evolving that I don't really know what I think half the time.  Don't tell my kids...but I'm kind of making this up as I go along...I've never been in charge of so many people for so long.  EVER!

 I think with so many things coming at you it's hard to feel like you have anything of value to share.  But I do know how much I love getting a peek inside other peoples lives through blogs and I have to assume peeking into our life up here in the Great State of Alaska can pass a minute or two for you as here is a few things I have to pass on.


~ got a hair cut...feel much better

~ ramping up the moisturizing all over...this skin needs to get me a lot further and I need to give it all the help I can

~ started using Lightroom for my pictures and I LOVE IT!

~ Made a skater skirt for Priscilla and want to try one for myself but material selection in this town is not what I am looking for...

~  which leads me to telling about a fun trip Pete and I are going to take to Anchorage when my mom and dad come visit in May....I'm going to get fabric there.

~ I have slowed down on my reading since I read Still Alice.  That book scared my SILLY.  A 50 year old active, smart woman gets Alzheimer's.  She realizes the disease came on slowly over time.  All of a sudden I am so anxious any time I forget anything...which is like 500 times a day.  Both sides of Grandparents had Alzheimer's

~ I gave up drinking for Lent.  I'm not a raging drinker but I had a glass of wine at least 5 nights a week.  I  have loved me and my life without wine.  I'm not sure what Easter will bring.  Do I give up feeling GREAT every morning ?  I seem to be much nicer in it the wine, the focus on sacrifice  ?  Is my being nicer related to me praying the Divine Mercy everyday?

~  I have been reading Catholic All Year blog all through Lent and she has inspired me in many ways this amazing to have people willing to share so much of their time and talent.

~  My mom recently went on a pilgrimage to Mother Angelica's EWTN facility.  I read an amazing book about Mother Angelica (listened actually ...the recording is SO good ) and was so excited my mom got to go.  She prayed very specifically for the money to make the trip and God answered her VERY specifically.  It all happened the first week of Lent. It was such an amazing grace that God allowed for her and me.  It was a reminder that praying for very specific intentions is what God wants from us.  He answers and wants our trust that He will answer.  This Lent I have been more and more specific with my prayers.

I was going to write a little something about everybody...but I think I've gone on long enough....

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lessons from Annie













The theater they performed cute








When you watch your kids doing something amazing, really amazing, you have this moment of clarity that tells you that YOU had NOTHING to do with what you just saw.  Her being amazing on stage was her alone.

 Even if you were the worst mother in the world...her being the very best at something had nothing to do with you being awful.

And the very next thought should be that when your kids do something less then amazing, that too has nothing to do with you.  That is also hers alone.

If I can't claim the good, I shouldn't claim the not so know what I mean??

We do our best. And the Lord does the rest.  Which happens to be the most.


just in case you were wondering:

Molly got cast as Annie in our local youth theater.  There were so many kids that tried out that the director had a double cast.  Molly was magical to watch.  I can't tell you how much I loved watching her.  The whole experience was nothing short of brilliant!!

Lucy was cast in the other show as the orphan Molly...and she was the absolute cutest thing you have ever seen on stage...I'm not kidding!!  My whole face hurt from the smile that never left all weekend. 

It's hard to get over something that exciting....