Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Book Year











Once again you may think it is this sunny and clear here in Sitka all the time, since that is what I keep posting.  But you would be 100% wrong in that thinking.  These were taken on one of the 4 sunny days in December.  I remember it well, cold, clear and beautiful.  The days that have kept January so far and very much not clear, cold and beautiful...but next Tuesday there is supposed to be sun..only 20% chance of rain..and that right there is hope.  Which is all I need somedays!!

And with all the rain this new year I have a new mission as well.  A mission I stumbled upon in the Seattle airport during a layover to see Pete's dad.  I sat in the airport and read the newsletter from Amongst Lovely Things and she talked about her goals and her One Thing.  I remember reading it thinking...I wish I knew my One Thing.  My one goal that I wanted to set. I was not even allowing myself the luxury of thinking od different goals for different areas of my life.  I just wished I could focus on one goal in one area.  That would have really felt like MY ONE THING.

 My struggle sometimes is I want to do so much that I overwhelm myself and wind up doing nothing. And then I stumbled on Modern Mrs. Darcy blog.  And after days of reading her end of the year book posts, my One Thing began to take shape in my mind.  My One Thing could be to read more.  I love reading.  It is what made me want to home school my kids in the first place.  I read all the book lists in Laura Berquist's book and REALLY wanted my kids to be that well read...and hopeful that I could join the in reading them.

And part of that equation came true, Emily and Molly are amazing readers.  They read ALL the time and they always amaze me with their ability to plow through a stack of books like it is a bag of chips.  But I stopped reading as much as I wanted to.  I listen to books ALL the time as I run ...but holding a book and reading quietly just stopped.  I used to read to them ALL the time.  Hours a day we would read.  And then babies kept coming and I stopped reading out loud that much.  The older girls were such good readers and the three middle people were so busy and not that thrilled about reading for hours.  And I just got busy and put it all on a shelf.

And guess what Jack, HATES reading.  He would rather do most anything else then read.  I blame myself, but I will confess that whole situation another time.  Lucy like the idea of reading but it is not a love yet...and Priscilla loves a story read to her but her actual reading skills are just about non existent. I could blame the public school system..and some of you guys reading may...but I blame me.  I could have, I should have read more to them.  I knew better.  I saw better.  I just forgot!!  I just got busy.  Getting piles of fresh books from the library became very hard...oh the list goes on.

Anyway...I am back to it !!  I have a mission.  This year is my year of BOOKS...all things books...for all of us.  How can I expect my little kids to love reading if they have never seen reading being LOVED...if they have not had books wrapped up with good memories...and love...and mama???

It is not to late.  I can change their hearts when it comes to reading.  I been very inspired by Sarah and her podcasts and her revival, and by Anne's book posts and amazing blog.  I will be back to share more later this week....

How can a mom who is not home schooling make this work??  Watch me try....


  1. Good for you! I love to read. I'm so glad to read your blog posts again! I haven't been very good about posting, and still am not motivated to, but am working on it :) I got a new camera for Christmas so that might be just what I need to get it going again. In the meantime, I will enjoy your updates... and your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing with everyone!

  2. What a great goal! And don't be so quick to blame yourself for your younger ones not loving to read - I am a prolific reader yet my daughter, even though we read books together, went to the library, etc... simply does not like to read. She finds it a chore to sit still for that long to read (she's 19 and in college and most of her reading these days is academics). I hope you have some sunny days ahead!

  3. Yay for you! I love reading, and do a lot of it. But neither of my boys love to read. I may take this on as a mission for myself this year!

  4. Glad that you found such a good goal. I am still waiting to feel what mine can be.
    As far as reading I agree with Donna. My husband, my older son and myself are voracious readers and my younger son never wanted to read EVER. Hard to figure for the rest of us. Try comic books or catalogs for your non readers. My younger son liked Highlights and the Lego magazine. His teacher said any reading qualifies. It's the reason some people like autoboigraphies, some comedy and more fiction. A book about what they like doing may suit more that a story.

    Life is always busy but it is important for your joy to make time for doing things you love.

  5. I wouldn't say you're to blame for your children not being readers. All of my children were read to daily, I bought them books, and we went to the library. I homeschooled the youngest three and they read everyday. But not one of them picks up a book for pleasure. I blame a lot of it on technology. And I wish I had banned most of it from my house! Good luck with your goal. I hope you have success -- you have many years before they are adults and fairly set in their ways.

  6. Ive been inspired by Sarah too!!! We've got our goal set too!

  7. Inspiration is flowing here too. Really motivated to read my collection of Golden Little Books to my 5 year old before kinder in fall. Also bought the Mother Daughter Book club to read aloud to my almost 12 year old:)

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  9. Sorry, I re-read my post and saw it needed editing . . .

    I agree with Barbara--technology is a killer for reading and learning (as well as brain development). This is one of my biggest gripes with schools--the use of technology in education. We are in our 16th year of homeschooling and have never used the computer in our school for teaching and learning. Our children do not get an e-mail account until they are ready to apply to college. They write letters on real paper with real pencils and pens and send them through the USPS. They have memorized large swaths of poetry, Latin and other literature. They are all (4 of them) avid readers. They're exceptional because they haven't been raised on the computer (and, of course, because of the grace of God and our Catholic Faith). I would love to convince every parent to keep their children away from the computer until they are of the age where they can use it as a tool, not for entertainment, not as a replacement for reading real books, real writing on paper, and real conversation with real people.

    Lisa, here's a book I hope you'll put on your reading list: It's about how the internet forms the brain, especially of children. It's scary.

    God bless you and your beautiful family, dear friend!