Thursday, January 15, 2015

Each. Other.








Pete got me a Fit Bit.  I'm not sure if that was the greatest thing for me because I can be a bit obsessed with a device like that.  I would not consider myself competitive with  others, but with myself...that is another story.  I feel the pressure to up my numbers everyday ...even when I kind of killed myself on that day getting my numbers "upped".  But for now it is fun and I am enjoying it.

I have been finding more ways to walk throughout the day.  And yesterday I got to catch up with an old friend who is very much part of who I am today.  We did not miss a beat.  It was like it always up and jump right in.

She is at the sweet spot of her mama journey...all kids on the launch pad...or already launching.  She has done a remarkable job and I value what she thinks and says.  We got to talking about my biggest struggle right now.  And I immediately went into the sibling breaks my heart.  There is a dynamic between certain groups that just seem to not get on very well...and it wears me down, makes me sad, and sometimes gives me doubt.

I want my kids to be sweet to each other.  I want them to have fun together.  I want them to value each other as their most prized possession in life...because they are.

When Pete's dad was dying it was his siblings and his children standing beside him.  No spouses, friends, or parents...just brothers and sisters and sons.  His treasure was all around him.  There was no one else on earth he wanted there.  It was so beautiful.  My friend had a similar experience recently with her sister.  Her sister was in a moment of crisis and the people beside her where her 4 siblings.

If I do nothing else right, if I feed them hot pockets and soda after school, if  I don't read to them before bed, if I don't solve all the sibling squabbling, I still did OK because I gave them gifts far greater than they realize right now. Each. Other.


  1. Just because your kids squabble now doesn't mean they won't be there for each other as adults. And just because they are there for each other as adults doesn't mean they won't disagree. I fought with my brothers terribly (only girl) as a teen, but we have a good time together now. Of course, that doesn't mean we don't disagree. I'm sure it's the same for you.

  2. So very true! My parents died unexpectedly two years from each brothers and I are the only ones that understand that loss and have each other to lean on. What a blessing siblings are!

  3. Lisa, just keep going with the love and family values. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. Growing up we swore to never speak to each other again when we moved away. We squabbled Lo and behold we are all close and we all take care of our parents in our own way. The day to day squabbles are hard to bear, but the family morals and values really do take root in the end.
    I have favorite and not so favorite sisters but in the end we know we are blood and family and together. Patience is the hardest and most important viture for a Mom. The work it out eventually.