Thursday, August 28, 2014

First Daybook


I'm Listening To:

Priscilla watching a Barbie movie all by herself not sharing a blanket or her favorite chair because Lucy is at school and she is desperately waiting for her first day next week.  Barbie movies erase all pains. Andrew is playing trains and occasionally walking over to the movie when he can't resist.

I'm Wearing:

Athleta pants that I LOVE.  I have found my groove living here in raining weather.  I have begun to wear some sort of work out gear throughout the day. That way I am always ready to go on a walk or play outside in between the rain.  Days of cute jeans, button up blouses and adorable flats have been put on hold for a bit.

My To Do List:

Menu planning.  Pete's mom and brother are coming!!  My sweet brother in law has 2 children, 1 I have never met.  He is bringing his wife and kids all this way to hang with his cousins!!  We are so excited!! And to top it off Pete's mom decided to join them.  Lots of fun that must include good eating!!!

Getting used to getting up at 5:00 am again!!  School is back, which means running at O' dark thirty is also back....Not sure I ever really will cross that one off my list.


I'm Currently Reading:

Which for me means mostly listening.  I get to "read" a ton of books when I run but I do love holding a book in my hands too.

I have recently finished The Boys in the Boat, Praise God and Thank Him, Unbroken.  These 3 were the best books I have had the privilege of reading.  So very very good on so many levels.

I'm Thinking About:

I could really get out of hand with this mind is so full of so many good things.  But right now I am thinking about my attitude towards public school.  I think I can say that this year I am actually feeling pretty good, if not great, about where we are this year.

 Emily and Molly are in middle school together and even have the same lunch.  We went to Molly's 6th grade back to school night and all her teachers were so excited to have another Melnick... they said such sweet things about Emily.  That felt awesome.  Emily had some challenging things come up in her schedule and she handled it beautifully.  All these very real life things that happen in the course of growing up are happening to them right now and I am proud of those two  beyond words .  We have a long year ahead of us but I am so excited for these two right now.

The other 3 kids all had open house type events and everywhere we went the teachers and staff were just so loving.  They really love these kids and know them.  Parents know them and care about them.  It felt so wonderful walking through the halls and hearing kids and teachers saying..."Hi, Lucy we missed you."

Things are not perfect.  There are things I wish I could change..the kid telling Jack to get off his bars the first day of 2nd grade.  What world is perfect though??  Ever?? Anywhere??  But the better part of that story lies in Jack's response.."These don't belong to you!"  He stood his ground and the kid just turned and walked away.  That was a big step for Jack.  Jack is a compliant kid who does not always stand up for himself.  He did this time and we were all very proud.

This small town public school is probably the way all schools used to be run.  Teachers taught several of the kids parents even.  We are blessed.  I know it.

For the last 2 years the kids have been in public school and my guilt and disappointment in myself over not home schooling really made it hard for me to accept the whole scope of public school.  I was angry at it...but it was not working for me.  Everything had to shift.  And it has.

I'm just working on being the best public school mom I can be...just like  I used to try to be the best home school mom I could be.  I'm here now.  This is where I need my heart to be least until I change my mind!!


I'm Praying About:

Pete's moms husband died and I know Pete's mom has a heavy heart.

Sarah and her family ..forever.

My kids, every minute of every day.


I'm Thankful For:

This summer, every last minute of it, the fun ones, boring ones, rainy ones, sad ones.  This was a stand out summer for me in many ways.  I have gained so much perspective on so many things.  My approach to my pre-teen girls, my heart on public school, my thinking about being grateful for so many years of running.  I feel like I may be growing up just a bit and it feels good.

I Love It When:

I plan on running 5 miles but feel so good I go for 6!!


What's Coming Up:

Priscilla starting Kindergarten and me being home with just Drew.  To think of it makes me altogether happy and sad in the same moment.  Happy to have my baby Drew all to myself.  Sad to have my P leaving me for K.  She is so ready to be at school like the rest of the kids and I think she is ready..I hope the world is ready for her.

Planning my trip to Anchorage with Emily for her birthday.  Can't wait!


In Pictures:

These are just a bunch of random pictures.  My camera has been put up way to long.  Time to bring out the camera no matter what!

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