Saturday, August 9, 2014

Comparison Is The Thief of Joy










Comparison Is The Thief of Joy -

Theodore Roosevelt

Ever notice that???  You can have a great day with your family. Come home to a simple dinner and afterwards have a moment of just feeling great...what a day!!

 Finally you get the kids to bed and open up some sort of social media app and see that your friend actually spent the day in Hawaii with her gorgeous kids, who look really clean, prayed together at adoration before going on their twilight hike to have their organic picnic!!

All of a sudden your sweet little day and dinner feels...lacking!

I'm going to be super honest here...where do I struggle with comparison??  My family size and school choice!!!....and pretty much everything else...the food we eat, the place we live, the rain that falls....

Mostly I want to be a really good catholic mom and for whatever reason in my mind that means I need to have 10 kids and home school...anything less than that feels...less.

But here I am..not having 10 kids ....and not home schooling anymore.  So compared to my own definition, I am not a really good catholic mom.  Never mind the fact that in my description of 10 kids and home schooling I never look beyond those 2 check marks.  I have never given depth to that description because what did it matter, I was neither of them.  I could not feel joy as the mom I am with my kids in public school because it did not fit with my comparison of my own picture of a good catholic mom.

Now...I have known many amazing catholic moms that do not fit the description I created for myself.  Actually only 2 of the catholic moms I know fit my above mold...most other amazing moms I adore are also unable to check both boxes.  But that was ok...for them.  I was not looking to make a ranking system of good catholic moms. Just a ranking system for me compared to others.  My point is I realize I struggle with feeling joy because I compare myself to others.

When I read that quote above I was truly moved.  That's it!!  That is what I do to myself.  I allow the accomplishments of others to take away my own joy.  I do that.  Others don't do that to me.  I'm the one who takes my joy and contentment away from me.  But it's silly.  I can feel happy and accomplished as a good catholic mom because I strive to be that my own my own world.


Pictures Above:

You are viewing an insight into the most charmed young boy's life.  Living here is a dream for my Jack.  Everyday he wakes up he wants to fish..and pretty much everyday that is exactly what he does. EVERY. DAY.

We live down the street from a beach called Eagle Beach.  He walks there every morning and catches himself whatever he's rigged up to catch.  Right now the pink's are running and he can't get enough.  He mostly catches and releases because he literally catches that many....way more than we could ever store or eat.  Plus Alaskans are pretty snobby about which kind of Salmon they are willing to eat....when in Rome!

But this fish we did eat!!  Jack was the proudest little guy around.  He has become an independent salmon fisherman this summer and life is good in his world.  



  1. Great post, Lisa! I read a similar quote on comparison from something called Desiderata that really hit me, "If you compare yourself to others you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself." Also, I had another mom mention to me how it helps to have different sizes of wonderful Catholic families for examples to look up to, as a reminder that God calls each of us to sainthood in different ways. :)

  2. I came across your post today and I think it was Providential. I too struggle with comparing myself to others... in so many ways! It's a daily struggle to keep myself focus on the many blessings in my own life and not be constantly looking around at others. *sigh* Thanks for the reminder. :)

  3. I get this so very much - I have four kid and am going to homeschool them...but they way I school them is going to look so much different then what my head tells me people "expect." I've also given up a lot of my food expectations - I order pizza now once a week and it's pretty heavenly...I let them eat gluten in moderation....and I may or may not have got them a cake pop yesterday after church just for fun. You do what the Lord and good sense lead you to do ... and forget about what people want (I find it's usually not people at all but ME thinking I know what THEY are thinking lol)