Thursday, May 15, 2014

Abandon Yourself Wholly...






Jack and Pete are about to go on a great adventure...Alaska style.  They are taking a float plane to a lake where there is a cabin and they are staying for 4 days to fly fish and camp.  What a way to celebrate a boy's 8th birthday.  Don't tell the girls that their 8th birthday did not include a chartered airplane to a remote location.

Chartering the float plane probably sounds pretty is fairly common up here.  We live on an island pretty far from anywhere else...planes are a very real way to get around here.  Pretty cool.

And I must shamefully admit to having a few minutes of jealousy during the preparation yesterday.  I am so excited for the boys and realize the amazing opportunity they are getting.  But that annoying little voice crept in..."what about me???".

I hate those 3 words.  Hate. Them.

I avoided them, but they were there...

And then this....

"Abandon yourself wholly to God's will and be assured that He, who is all wise and loving, will make all things work together for your good, incomparably beyond what you yourself could desire."  

pg. 13 Conformity to the Will of God

I can do that...I can wait on Him to work things out for my good...beyond my desire.

And while I wait...I will so joyfully see my boys off tomorrow as they board their plane and go on an adventure far beyond what Pete would have dreamed of .


  1. What a cool birthday! Amazes me how God's words are like balm for us.

  2. What an awesome adventure. How wonderful for Pete to spend that one on one time with his son. By the way, who is the author of " conformity to the will of God ". It sounds great. Miss you all. God bless, Angela Wilson