Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tinker of Many: Master of None

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When Pete and I first started dating I was REALLY into making puffy photo albums.   I would cover the front of cheap photo albums with really lacy material, glue dried flowers and then stuff some fiber fill between the book and the lace to give the book a padded, super puffy feel.  I loved making them.

I moved on from puffy photo book making to stamping.  I would buy stamps, ink and fancy paper and make cards.  I don't think I did much else except create the cards...never actually sending them.  From there I got into scrap booking.  My mom and Aunts all scrapbook-ed and I remember feeling like I was an official married person when I had my very own memories worthy of a scrap book.  I actually stayed with the hobby for awhile.

There have been periods when I had no hobby, or intense interest, but those times were filled with pursuits of other kinds.  I graduated UWF with an elementary education degree that I used for no longer than 18 months before I began the hobby which has stuck the longest...baby making. Which eventually led to people making.  And this is where I find myself today, deeply interested in helping make my babies into good people.  This is a full time EVERYTHING...but that does not mean that my pursuit of other things has gone dormant.  

Actually, the opposite has occurred.  I now find myself inspired to learn and do more than ever before.  Maybe being in the job of people making gives clarity to all the things possible for people to achieve.

When I started blogging it was to practice with my new camera..I wanted to be a photographer.  I was then led to knitting through finding Ginny's blog.  I wanted to own a knitting store, become a knitting designer, or raise sheep...it didn't really matter because knitting took over my thoughts for a long time.  I see a good movie about a famous chef, I want to go to Paris to study cooking.  Or at least take classes online.  Either way I suddenly wanted to own a adorable restaurant where all my painted furniture decorates the place. And speaking of decorating with painted furniture....every time I get a Southern Living magazine I decide I need to open up an antique store and paint furniture forever...while knitting, photographing my 6 kids, and cooking great fresh dinners for my classically educated home schooled kids....

That was the vision.  That is still a pretty good peak into my dream life.  But please picture me living in a super cute farm house in the middle of a beautiful green piece of property with trees everywhere and a trickling brook  behind the house.

I get inspired...pretty easily.  I get so excited to try new things.  And when I do try new things I dream big. The word inspired means "God Breathes" .  With this knowledge I don't so much mind tinkering with so many different things.  But should I mind?

Until recently I never considered my constant varying inspiration bouts to have a down side.  Since I can jump from one obsession to the next it can be a challenge to gain any mastery over one specific area.
Consistent practice of tasks typically leads to better results.  Have I ever found something worth struggling through?  Has God Breathed into my heart yet the one thing that I would be willing to be bad at long enough to get better doing??

"Anything worth doing is worth doing badly"...Chesterton.  I have done plenty of good things pretty badly...and I know they were worth doing.....and by doing them I have become who I am.

But now I feel the need to do something...more.  To work towards something.  Take another step...And I think I know what I want that step to be.  I just hope it is what God Breath's....


  1. I love reading your posts, but can't always comment for some reason. Anxious to hear what is next. Have a lovely day!

  2. This was a very lovely and honest post. I really liked it!