Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On Making House

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We are almost at the one year mark of leaving VA.  I look back at that house and time and have to pinch myself to remember it all really happened.  Living in VA was our shortest "tour".  We meant to stay for 6 years and left after 18 months.

That house in VA was way to big.  I'm sure that sounds out of character for a mom of several kids so say..but the fact that I have those several children is what makes me say that.  They each had their own room..which meant they each had their own room full of STUFF.  We all know that more room means more stuff.  As I have come to discover, stuff does not add to the well being of a family.  I would argue it does the exact opposite.

I had almost 5000 sq. feet to fill.  And fill I did.  With each house I have a vision that I chase and I enjoy the process and progress each time.  I have no problem getting rid of stuff and starting over.  I make mistakes with purchases and they usually have a large price tag attached ...and that can be a bummer.  One of the biggest $$ was the Pottery Barn couch I HAD to have when we left Mobile.  I allowed myself to think that buying the couch of my dreams would some how change my life...

I was more than happy to let our buyer purchase that life changing couch when we sold the house in VA...and it went for a major loss.  But I count the lesson I learned as part of the initial investment.

A couch does not make a home.  A farm table does not make a home.  A perfect kitchen does not make a home.  The outside look is not the home.  I am this home.  Being the mom, making our home...that makes this home.  When I feel good about my state as a mom, I feel good about my home.  It's all part of the bigger picture.

Don't get me wrong, I love a white couch with golden soft blankets draped over the arm and cozy pillows tucked in each corner.  I love the apple green paneling in my kitchen.  I love my big table that seats my family every night.  It makes me feel good to be surrounded by things I like to look at.  But all these things will one day be part of the scene ...not the meaning of the scene.  It's what I put into the people in this house that makes this place home.


  1. Oh my. That view is amazing.

    And I couldn't agree more.

  2. Years ago I made this same mistakes with bookf - if only I have this book, or read this one - it holds that life changing secret etc..etc.. Well, I never found that book because I realized I needed to settle down and enjoy the ride instead of searching for that elusive thing that will create complete harmony and happiness in my life (or at least for my kids). Life is a roller coaster, and you are right the people not the things or furnishings or books are going to make it. I am completely content now, but I didn't get that way through books, it came through my faith and slowing down to enjoy the journey instead of trying to lead it.