Thursday, March 27, 2014

Right Now:

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Days Filled With:

:  getting a 2 year old to do anything without saying "No"

:  reminding the other people who fill this house that they have not been 2 for a long time....but I promise        each of them were very much 2 at one point.  And I loved them through it.  It's Drew's turn.  It just takes a lot of effort

:  4 kids in school, which leaves me home with 2.  That feels pretty darn easy.  But they LOVE when everyone comes come.  Specially Drew, who adores Jack above all others.  As it should be.

:  I am working on a "quilt" style , which means not exactly perfect or well done.  But I have made 2 other small ones and they bring me such joy when I see kids wrapped up in them.  So it s worth me doing another poorly as I do them.

:  I am trying to knit.  My knitting is less than inspired recently.  The yarn store near me is getting some Mad Tosh and that will probably help.  I love her yarn but I am not a good internet yarn shopper...actually I am not good at internet shopping in any form.

:  The 2 older girls are going to visit my family this April.  Pete has a training course and he is flying the girls to Florida first.  I am so excited they are getting to see family.  I wish it were all of us, but not yet.  They are also getting to go on a cruise with Pete's mom.  They are so excited.  This is the longest I have ever not seen my mom so my heart is super lonely for her...sending the girls in my place is the next best thing.

:  Emily makes her confirmation this May.  I am not sure I have done a very good job of getting her ready.  But there is grace there even if I can't see it yet.  I know there is grace because I am who I am today because of it.

:  I am starting a Catholic Bible study at my church with 4 women...2 are not Catholic.  I feel honored to bring the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith to their heart.  What a gift they are about to receive.  When people want to learn more about the Catholic faith is can seem very overwhelming...there is just so very much.  It can be hard to know where to begin.  I am excited to help them begin.  Will they become Catholic???  I want the whole world to be Catholic I hope so!!

:  Spring is here, bikes are dusted off and we need to upgrade 3 of them.  The kids are dying for a trampoline and I want a outdoor umbrella.  Ours blew away one September windy day when I forgot to shut it.  There is so much to look forward to with Spring...but each season brings..STUFF.  And since I hate online shopping..I get a bit overwhelmed.

:  I read My Sisters The Saints...SOSOSOSOSSOOSSO good.  I have passed it on to 2 people already...both not Catholic. They loved it.  When people just share their story and their story involves The Church it moves them.  It takes the controversy out of all of it.  It is just our Lord, our Faith and the deep tradition that changes your life . People like to change their life. And if they don't know how to they like to read about people who have.  I need to share more.  Not be afraid of it.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Yours too. I wish I could take credit!!!

  2. I can't wait for them to get here! I haven't seen Peter in over a year, and I know how you feel Lisa, when you say it hurts you heart... I miss all of you terribly❤️

  3. Hi Lisa. I wonder if you ever watch the show Journey Home with Mr. Gradi. Here is a link to his web page, the stories are beautiful and they are all in youtube:



    1. Thank you so much. Since reading your comment I have been listening to many if the episodes!!! They are amazing!!!
      I especially love the Jewish conversion stories!!!

  4. Your daughter is so beautiful!

    I'm someone who is reading a lot about the Catholic faith (and not Catholic), and you're right -- it's incredibly overwhelming. I wonder about conversion, but then I'm honestly just gobsmacked by the amount of stuff I just don't know or understand about Catholicism. It is an entire culture!

    1. It is more than just culture but I can see how the layers have created a wall that seems to big to climb. And I'm sure you've heard that silly saying ,
      " how do you eat an elephant ? One bite at a time."
      That is all you can do. One small step at a time. One new question . One new thought. I actually want to start writing more about this. Email me with any questions you might have
      Mommyofemily@hotmail. Dot. Com.
      Good luck. I love a new adventure for people. Such a fun road ahead!!