Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pete's Answer: I am content with what we have.

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People ask us all the time.."Do you guys want more kids?" I always look to Pete when we are asked this together, because we kinda have different answers.

My Answer:  Yes!!  I want more kids!

Pete's Answer:  I am content with what we have.

So we sometimes talk about what that answer exactly means...

Pete helps me grow more and more each day.  And his constant answer of contentment really made me stop bugging him.  I would sometimes be disappointed about his answer because I wanted it to be the same as my answer...YES. But really his answer is so much better.

Right now I need his answer to be as firm as it is because in my wonderful circle of large Catholic families a lot of the women that I am friends with, and we all had our 6th babies around the same time, are having their 7th.

I am content with what I have...I just want more to be content about.

And the fact that we remain open every month and the Lord has not blessed us does not feel as sad every month because I have been influenced greatly by Pete's answer.  I AM CONTENT WITH WHAT WE HAVE....

So congrats to any friend of mine that still may read this blog and you are moving into the fabulous family of 9 stage...I would love to be there with you...but you inspire me and make me smile each time I get an e-mail, phone call or picture of your wonderful openness.


  1. Lisa, It is such a hard thing to go through when your husband says he's content. Kevin did that with me after we had Sarah. I was not very happy with him for a while, but I soon grew to understand his feelings and be okay with it. In fact, we were happy about it. Then, his feelings changed and we both decided together to grow our family. It's good that Pete's contentment is helping you to not be sad when each month you find out you're not pregnant. I wish I had been better about it :) Hope all is well with your wonderful family. We miss you! Alaska looks beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Reesa
      I have to be ok with what God has for me. I am happy beyond thought that I have these people in my everyday. How could I not be content? Sometimes it is fun to be moving into the next stage and seeing what life is like without being pregnant or having a baby. But to have another would be a great gift.

  2. It's bittersweet to realize your family is complete. It's been a few years, and I'm still sad about it.

    Your beautiful pictures make me want to move to Alaska!

    1. I agree. I get sad some moments and excited in others. To move on makes things seem to be over and I don't want it to be over yet.

  3. Content. Good place. Acceptance with Joy- my place. I'm with you on so many levels dear friend! Miss you!

  4. I loved this post and it's honesty! You're an amazing woman...I am thinking about how good 6 kids will in, our family may be complete after that. My struggle is truly being open to life when I'm stretched so thin with the lives I already have.