Saturday, February 22, 2014

End In Mind

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Pete has put 18 years into the Coast Guard. That means we have been married for 18 years this June.  That means I have now lived with him longer than I lived with my parents.  That. Is. Crazy.

When we are in the hard moments of being all to one, two, or six people it is easy to loose sight of the fact that they will spend the majority of their life WITHOUT you.  Parenting with the end in mind is my focus these days.  That does not mean I spend my time only thinking of the end...but the end of each interaction, the end of each moment that passes...all of those small ends that will eventually lead to the big end.

Which, in my heart and faith, means the great big ultimate end...heaven!!

Parenting with heaven in mind helps in the big and small things.

But there are other ends I think about these days.  What if we are at the "end" of our moving around.  Pete and I look at the time when we will not be in the Coast Guard.  Where do we live?  All of our family live in Florida.  I do not see myself in Florida forever..but lately I have been thinking that through a bit harder....

My nieces and nephews are all there.  My family, Pete's family all live in the great big state of VERY hot and HUMID Florida....

We will go where Pete gets a job..I know that will be the ultimate decision maker.  But, where do we begin??

All ends..all good.


  1. I used to sort of joke with our ND friends when they would say things like...oh...don't you wish he would stay little...or aren't you just dreading Middle School...and we would always say that we went into this parenting thing with the goal of having a fully functioning adult at the end...but I so agree with you about our lives here...they are so fleeting...As for man, his days are as we should all be living and raising our children with the 'end' in mind...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. My husband and I think of that too - where will we end up? Our family is scattered around the country. I want to be near my parents as they are getting older (my mom lives 2 blocks away and my dad is 20 minutes away) but as I get older I don't think I want to be in the Northeast dealing with the cold winters. But I, like you, are't keen on being in Florida. The Lord has a plan for us which He will reveal in time. Have a blessed week!

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