Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Changing Your Soundtrack

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Every now and again I find that the soundtrack that is playing in my mind is of no use.  The energy of my own soundtrack is driving me crazy.  But sometimes you are not sure what won't drive you crazy.  What soundtrack should be playing in your head?

Over the last few months I have really started to dislike the thoughts in my own head.  I knew I did not like them...but I felt SO STUCK...and then came the sun....

And a book...

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families....

Oh how glad I am that I picked up this book...at this time.  It's like the Lord let me feel the frustration with my thoughts and then He lead me right where I needed to be.  I can barely get through a page without feeling like this must have been written expressly for me...for right now.

And let me just cliff note a few things right here...right now.  Another words, let me share with you my new soundtrack.


How exciting is that.  I know many of you totally got/get/had that concept down...but I totally forgot.  To LOVE it to DO.  To show Love is to do something LOVING!!  To model how to love you must ACTIVELY be LOVING to others.


Everything must come from the inside.  You don't like what is going on...as k yourself what is going on inside you??  What are you doing?  You have the most influence over 1 thing  YOU....

Those 2 thoughts right now are in my mind all the time.  Never mind the thought that EVERYTHING I do is very closely watched, observed, recorded and imitated.   I have got to be actively loving from the inside out.

I have only gotten to the 3rd habit.  But the first 2 have been life changing for me.  I always felt these things.  I have read them in different forms, applied in various ways.  But in this book it is all right there speaking into my life right now.

Another thought that has made a major impact on me is the concept of keeping information private.  This is hard for a  person who likes to share and feels that sharing is helpful for both parties usually.Something happens with a child I find frustrating...I call a friend.  Often times I have gotten off the phone and felt a sense of guilt because what I had just shared felt more like gossip.  Keeping confidences within the family is a practice that lends itself to creating a closer family bond.

I could go on and on...but right now I am needing the practice #1...

Also...here is a link to the local news organization here in Sitka.  Pete and I went to a meeting about the middle school having Planned Parenthood teach the health class.  We would NEVER allow our kids to attend a class on health in a public school period...but throw in Planned Parenthood and my feathers got a bit ruffled.  And in this tiny town of 9000...EVERYBODY knows everything...so now in case anyone was wondering what the Melnick's thought....

Middle School Health Class

The conversations I have had with many people since this meeting have been very interesting.  I have enjoyed getting to share m thoughts with many different people...it's kinda fun!!  I'm so used to hanging out with people who think just like me....


  1. Wow, your scenery is beautiful!

    Great thoughts, especially about keeping family issues private -- it's important for children to know you will keep their secrets safe.

    PS it makes me want to be sick to know that PP is teaching health class -- it's all about making children feel as if they are friends, and they can come to them with any problem, ie a pregnancy. Disgusting.

    1. That's the problem. PP sells a product and it's a brand. Neither belongs in a so called health class.

  2. Go Melnicks! I was laughing as I read Pete's remarks-- but its true. I'm sorry you guys have this fight in front of you, but good for you fighting the good fight for the kids, not just your own, but all the kids in the school.

    1. The fact that they are in a public school makes us confront things that I would rather pretend do not exist . But they do exist and it forces us to talk about it and deal with it. It gives us a chance to bring Catholic values to the public square. I'm inspired to share things that people have not even considered before. Like PP is awful. Not the actual people who find themselves working there and believing what they sell,... They think they are doing what they think is best. They are just so very wrong,