Friday, February 7, 2014

50% Success Rate

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The grace is in the everyday.  Each day I try a little harder.  I decide in the shower that when I see each child that morning I will hug them.  I will wrap them up in my arms and hug them.  I finish getting ready and I manage to remember to hug 3 of the 6...not bad.  A 50% success to start the day.  I have had worse odds.

I go to bed and find a hand written note from a 12 year old girl.  A very big triumph for me!!  I used to get notes all the time.  Then they stopped.  I missed them.  I'm not sure I deserved them.  I have been working hard to change that.  I got was wonderful.  Simple changes that take more than simple effort sometimes.

The changes?  The pause that I am focusing on before reacting to the things that are said, done, or not done.  The pause for the Holy Spirit to fill more beautifully than I could ever do alone.  The constant thought in my head to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.  Let them feel that.  Show each of them just how special they are.  And for me to remember to look for those things throughout the day.

Listen to them.  When Jack gets so excited to have the "mystery bag" from school I realize that I too can do a mystery bag with them.  Finding things for all of us to do together that is not costly is becoming more and more I need to listen and find the simple things we can do together for all ages.  I want them to sit around one day remembering all the crazy things mama did so we could have fun together.  Even if they are all not that excited to start it...they will one day be glad we did it.

The growth comes from trying.  If I never try new things, feel new pains, I will never grow to these new places.

If I can do half the things I dream of doing then I will still be a success compared to never dreaming of doing more!!!

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  1. I love this! It seems to me you love your children very much.