Thursday, January 2, 2014

Words...Better Known As Virtues

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All day I have been thinking about the whole "word" for the year that seems to be sweeping the blogs I read.  I love this concept for so many reasons.  Last year when I found myself at a complete loss for how to proceed as a mom without being a home schooling mom I turned to words.

I focused on specific "words" or VIRTUES that I knew I wanted to cultivate in my kids no matter where they went to school. Choosing specific virtues, or words, kept my focus.

I am constantly turning back to this practice.  Just a few weeks ago Pete and I were feeling a bit frustrated with the state of affairs when it came to attitudes of specific people.  Whenever things are all going wrong at one time I usually stop and look at where I've gone wrong...

Not being hard on myself but just realizing that my behavior, habits, virtues usually need some tweaking if I'm loosing it with all members of my home.  Pete and I decided to each pick 1 virtue we knew WE ALL NEEDED to work on.  Pete choose Self-Reliance.  It was so perfect a virtue to focus on I almost cried.  He nailed it.  Most of us were waiting for someone else to do the hard work.  We were thinking of self in the complete wrong way, in the receiving way...not the serving way .  I choose Joy-fullness.  I don't think I need to paint to much of a picture as to why I choose this one.

And then we both decided we needed to demonstrate and focus on respect.  Each of these virtues, "words", play into each other in such a seamless way that when I was describing them to the kids I found myself using similar explanations for each.

And today as I have read blogs I am more struck than ever that so many "words" or Virtues are aimed at the same thing...SERVING.

So many words aim to serve others better.  When we are trying to find a way to grow we are usually led to deeper service.  And because of that I am so inspired by all the words each person has shared and the reasons they have chosen it.  I have a hard time choosing just one word.. I'm feeling most inspired to choose several.

But to tell you the truth...These ladies, Sarah, Jenny, and probably my favorite Erin have it down....

Happy New Year


  1. I think you just nailed it for me! I"ve been mulling over what my "word" for this year should be for weeks now, and I couldn't think of ANYTHING. One thing, however, that seemed totally unrelated, was that I kept thinking about the general "feel" of our family, and how selfishness has crept in and planted roots. I love the idea of picking a virtue, and I think "generosity" is it. Just like you're saying, so many times I've had to confront the fact that these kids learn so much from me, and I have not been very generous. I really think, and hope, that my growing in generosity will have a trickle-down effect to the kids. I hope. :) Thank you so much for helping me discover this!

  2. I was having such a hard time picking just one word myself. "Peace" keeps coming to mind. I love that you chose Virtues