Monday, December 2, 2013

These People










The one thing that stands out about living here in AK is the people.  The people here are the most generous I have ever encountered.

One afternoon a friend and I were talking.  I mentioned that I was dying to visit this great little yarn store outside of Seattle..Churchmouse Yarn.  My local yarn store carries their patterns and I have become a little obsessed with their stuff.  I gathered my gear, said my goodbye's and went about my night.

The next morning she calls me and says.."I looked up that store you were talking about and you HAVE to go.  I'm heading to Seattle in December and I want you to come with me. "  Her husband works for Alaska Airlines and he was willing to share a free pass with me....

With me....

To see yarn....

Could their be any more generous thing to do????

I am leaving Wednesday night until Sunday...

I will shop, knit, and eat all because somebody wanted me to have this wonderful weekend.  Pete was thrilled that I could go.  And I don't know if I have ever been more touched.

How can I repay something so generous?  It humbles me and makes me see God's love comes in many forms from many different people.


And those pictures above????

All taken by Emily  this weekend.  Pete and the oldest kids got invited to hunt for Christmas this most beautiful place.  They grab a riffle (that we now own), bundle up, hop on a boat and drive to an island to cut down a tree.

The people...this place...all beautiful.

Being in a place so far from family, no shopping, not attached to any other can be hard.  But it feels more like home here than anywhere I have ever lived.  It's because of the people....


And just in case you were wondering what was on the top of my shopping list...


For some reason I have a hard time ordering underwear .. I just want to pick up a pack for the kids and actually get my hands on them before I commit to buying them.  The grocery store will have a pack or 2 now and then but sizes are not always what I need for the person I need it for.

I may also be super excited to get  crayons for less than $3 a pack...we can go through some crayons.....
And I may get a box or 2 of Christmas lights ...they are pricey here too.

I'll let you know....

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  1. That is generous, I hope you have a wonderful time. Your photographs are just beautiful, I love to see the snow - here in TX we don't ever see snow like we did in VA