Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another Orange Knit - A Reflection












I may have gone a little overboard with the orange knits this fall.  I think 3 of the 3 cowls I knit were orange.  I kinda don't want to own 3 orange cowls...but I really love them in their own way.

I have a hard time giving my knitting away.  I make mistakes and I feel like I would be giving away a product not worthy of being a gift because of those mistakes.  When I knit for me I don't mind the mistakes.  Its a liberating way to create...just make what I love and leave the mistakes.

That is where I am at these days.  I know I do certain things right and even well...but there is plenty that I don't do right and far from well but I am a work in progress. I like getting up each day and try to work harder at getting better.

I want to try harder every day....I want the people in my family to try harder every day and the only way I can expect that from them is if I do it myself.

I want them to see God's glory in me.  I want them to love Christ because He promises Hid grace is sufficient.  We do not have to do all things all the time on our own...we have God.  God did not promise that my love for my children was sufficient...but HIS.  It's not all up to me.

This past weekend the Gospel reading was about John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus.  People were happy enough with what he had to say but John knew there was so much more.  I left mass thinking..."I am John the Baptist".  I am preparing my kids to receive Jesus when He comes to them.  He is, of course, with them right now...but they are not ready for what that truly means.  He has a story for them.  Their story is apart from me.  God is working on them.  He has my back.  It is not all is Him and I am working with Him.  I am preparing my kids to live life God has for them.

.... And as I prepare them for this great future walking with God...we all can wear orange, hand knit, imperfect cowls.....


  1. I love the orange knits...and your words about Christ!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. From the most non-craftiest mom, you are amazing! I love the cowl and your model.

  3. My book club just finished reading "Christ in the Chaos" by Kimm Crandall...
    It was really great, I'm still chewing on things I read.