Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's Coming

To be here, in this place, of being mama to a pre-teen has been highly anticipated.  I remember back when it all began with my little mouse (Emily) I wanted to look at the teen years as the best part of my mama years.  I wanted to go into the teens with a good attitude because I know that matters.  How we begin can often determine how we will succeed.  And. I . Will . Succeed.

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When she was little little I never thought I would home school.  I came to that life style by exposure to amazing moms I wanted to be just like.  One mom still home schools and the other mom sent her kids to school after leaving Alaska.  They both have raised fine, wonderful Catholic mama is still working on her finished product.  They are still my beacons through this wonderful adventure of being a mama.

And boy do I need beacons.  I had this vision of parenting my sweet 9 year old Emily into her teen years..she would stay just like her 9 year old self ...just get taller and more knowledgeable...always seeking my wisdom .  But reality is a smidge  different and I am finding I have a few questions....

Like how do you say things to them without looking like your actually saying something to them??

How do you know when it is not a big deal...or when it really is??

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Here is my consolation...When I was her age I was awful.  I was a hand full in the worst way.  Lots of my friends were not that great ( to their parents).  We are all now sitting in the place of worrying about our kids being ruined for life and we are all pretty good people.  That counts for something...right?

Emily makes her confirmation this year.  I have until May.  And up until this morning  I had no plan.  Thanks to one of my beacons I have a plan.  Now I must execute...execute and pray.  Pray that the seeds I hope to plant land on fertile soil.  Soil I have tried so hard to tend with her...with them all.

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What's Coming:

A family meeting is in order.  It is time we laid things out for the updated family we have become.  No longer should all my kids be coming to me for every specific question they have.  I am setting guidelines.  I am laying out "rules"...more like do's and please don'ts.




I am assigning tasks and chores.  I am not making charts.  I don't think I am a chart person.  But I do need a plan.  I will confess to having these kids do very little in the way of keeping house.  I can do it.  I don't mind doing it...until I do mind.  And I think I kinda mind.  Plus ...I'm sensing the kids need to get their hands dirty.  I think it will help.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quince Owl Yarn Along





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Ever since Quince came out with their owl yarn I wanted to make something with it.  I always kinda choke when it comes to swapping yarn in a pattern.  I usually don't match patterns and yarn well on my own.

I saw a cowl in MLYS that I loved.  I could not stop picturing me wearing this particular cowl.  So, one night I impulsively bought some quince and once it arrived I cast on 130 stitches and knit stockinette 10 rows, then I  knit garter for 2 rows.  I did this about 10 times.  I then held me breath and cast off...would it fit??  I kinda wanted a drapey soft cowl.  It is almost perfect.  The color is perfect and the yarn did not disappoint.... I just wish I cast on 150 stitches...made it a smidge bigger.

And now  I am on to another cowl...I wear cowls a lot here.  They are so perfect to fit with the jacket that I LIVE it....

Eventually I will knit for another person besides me...but not anytime soon.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Just Remembered...

I have this little blog here that does bring joy....






Today I woke up tempted to not choose Joy..thanks to Pete and a 4 mile run I was able to make that very hard decision to be joyful.





Maybe I found it hard this morning because I went to bed last night and I had one of those nights where I laid there and thought of all the things that had been bugging me about EVERYBODY and I let it take over my mind...It went something like this..."I can't believe when I first saw her she said this to me. Why didn't I say something to her?? Is my life as mom over because I did not address this situation immediately??.  Next time I'm gonna let her have it....I'm gonna say..... (insert NOTHING productively said here)...."






....and on and on it went.  Why do I allow myself to think this way sometimes??  Don't we all make mistakes??  Aren't we all just a bit shy of being perfect...why can't I allow this in others when it is clearly in ME???




Oh well...I am proud to report that upon much thinking, by 9:00...I was on the right way of thinking...I remembered all I had to be grateful for.  So many things...



What else have I done this month of silence...

1.  I made my first Halloween costume.  I was so excited about it I wondered why I had waited so long to create something so adorable (see above owl).

2.  I made cream cheese frosting for the first time....another wonder why I have not made something so simply should be smothered on EVERYTHING....

3.  Emily turned 12.  Which means I have been a mom for 12 years.  I may have cried thinking it was all almost over.  I may have felt like part of my life was quickly coming to an end..then Drew pooped and I was reminded I have 18 more GLORIOUS years....

4.  Molly broke her wrist.  Third time Molly has broken a bone.  Poor Molly.

5.  I have knit several things and need pictures.  I used owl yarn from Quince and was SUPER happy!!! Surprise surprise...

6.  Emily has started basketball for her middle school and loves it...first game is soon.

7.  Jack and Lucy started swimming.  Lucy LOVES is...Jack tolerates it.  He BEGGED me to start him.  I was not that excited about being at the pool 3 days a week.  It's hot in there...super crowded and Drew is almost there.  But with these dark, rainy days a young 7 year old boy needs to burn some energy.

8.  I am going somewhere fancy Saturday...yippy