Sunday, October 6, 2013

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I love those Day Book posts.  I love reading the everyday details of people I have come to admire.  So..I kinda wanna do one...

Aware of God's Glory:::
Today I got to see Pete and Jack off on the Ferry.  They are headed out for a real Alaskan moose hunt.  We have been gearing up for this event since we moved here and up until last night we did not think they would get to take this much anticipated trip. One week ago all supplies were bought, guns were loaded and at the last minute the trip was shut down.  We were frustrated and sad but Pete's work kinda went into red alert and he was not able to get away...And then God made the way for the trip to happen despite ALL the hurdles in the way.  The girls and Drew and I happily drove them to the ferry and waved them goodbye.  I love that they are doing this together.

Listening To:::
Right now on my I-phone I have 60 Catholic Answers Live, 1 Craft Lit, 1 Word on Fire.
I run most days while I listen to one of these shows....I blow dry my hair EVERY morning while I listen to these shows....I knit while listening to these shows.  I usually have a book going at the same time on Audible, but right now I am finding it hard to enjoy any of the books I have chosen this month.

Talking With My Children About:::
Emily is making her confirmation this year and there is a lot to say about that.  And really I try and talk about our faith as much as I can.  After mass we talk about the readings.  And right now I am in a prayer study group and I talk with them about everything I am reading.  And I pretty much just beg them to stay Catholic...they laugh and I smile...but I'm serious...PLEASE STAY CATHOLIC...please!!

Thinking About:::
Keeping my priorities where they should be.  I want to be present to my kids in all things.  Sometimes that means backing off of commitments I made that get in the way of being present to my kids.

Loving The Moments:::
This past weekend found me doing something I have dreamed of for a long time.  Emily and I got to run a race together.
She is running Cross Country for her middle school.  This weekend they had a race that was open up to the whole town.  I signed up, got my number and walked to the start line with my sweet  almost 12 year old daughter.  Well....she took OFF!!!  Like super fast...all the kids did.  I was last last.  The only people who showed up for the race where the middle school kids.  I was kinda worried that I would humiliate her but I just kept my usual pace.  At the half way mark I was able to take it up a bit and the pack of middle school kids had slowed down a bit.  I actually caught up to Emily and they the fun began...we just worked off each other and she started passing kids left and right.  I was so proud of her that I was able to keep up just to encourage her to keep it up...she smoked a whole pack of 8th graders.  It was so fun...I was with really fast.  I am not a fast runner, at all.  I have always been a distance person.  But wanting her to keep running like that made me go to a place I have never gone to before in running.  We finished running out 2.5 mile run in 20 minutes and 20 seconds.  I actually finished in 20 minutes 21 seconds...just 1 step behind my VERY fast daughter.

It was like the best day ever.  All of a sudden I felt like the past 17 years of getting up at 0'dark 30 to try and keep in shape JUST PAID can keep the 26.2 miles I did last year and count that 20 minute run as the highlight of my running career!!!   Best. Run. Ever.

Next year we hope Molly runs Cross Country and then watch out for team Melnick...if I dare to dream!!!

Giving Thanks:::
For everything.  That sounds so typical.  I'm thankful my parents just bought a house for cash.  I'm thankful for Pete being Pete.  I'm thankful for the way my older kids ADORE their little brother.  I'm thankful for the gift of faith and being Catholic.  I'm thankful for friends who are in a different stage in life but they still share their heart with me and they let me learn from what they share.  I'm thankful for Pete's job that has brought us to all these places and allow us to meet such amazing life changing people.  I'm thankful Jane taught me about the churches teaching on being open to life and that I was able to do open and now I have 6 little people to live my days for.  I'm thankful for my mom!!

This Week:::
Pete and Jack will be home on Wednesday night.  A big dinner must be made.  I have a knitting class Thursday night .  I'm learning Intarsia.  Monday I have dance class with the little girls and Wednesday I am going to try and take them to the pool.  Sitka has an indoor pool and I used to take the girls all the time when we lived here last time.  It's a toddler open swim time. I. Hate. Swimming....but I love them more..i hope...
Emily is all done with CC and waiting for what comes next.  Molly is in band and practices after school 2 days a week. And all those things are really great...but my most favorite part of the day is when they all come home from school....


  1. I truly enjoyed your day book type post. The race sounds amazing, I bet your daughter will remember that for the rest of her life. I'm really glad the Moose hunt worked out, I hope the boys have a wonderful trip!

    1. Thank you for liking my day book -ish post. I love reading other peoples . I think you can share little bits that don't really carry weight on their own.

  2. It sounds like a happy life there for the time being. Enjoy the love and the happy times. Enjoy the kids while they are young. It's good to live in the present -- your race sounds like just such a moment!

  3. That race was the best moment ever!!! Those moments can carry you...
    And some days despite the fact that I truly know I am blessed I need big moments !!! Thanks Barbara for your wisdom and sharing!!!