Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dear Devin...And Whoever Else May Be Reading
















Thank you for emailing me about my last post.  I can't tell you had that made me smile.  I happen to sleep with my phone tucked under my pillow because I have the alarm set for 4:50.  I swipe the screen to snooze until 5:00 and then  I usually open up my mail at 5:00 because the light from the screen is bright enough to force me to open my eyes.  I know...I should be getting right on my knees to offer my day to the Lord.  I do get to that...but not on my knees.

 I usually get up, get dressed and FORCE myself out the door.  Trust me..I am praying the whole time..."Please Lord let it not be raining...." ..and a few other words to start my day off in the right way.  I'm kind of obsessed with listening to Catholic Answers on my phone while I run.  I use the commercial breaks to pray for my intentions or for the people I have had on my heart.

So..all of that to tell you I REALLY read your message FIRST thing this morning.  And I felt so...LIKED!!  I remember meeting you and you were one of the only people who REALLY noticed my knitting.  And of course for a knitter THAT IS HUGE.  I loved you right away!!  You asking me to teach you to knit was just an affirmation of my intensely keen sense of a worthy friend.

The fact that you surpassed my own knitting skills in approximately 2 weeks was kinda AWESOME!!! How fun to to teach someone and have them love something so much that they take it to a whole new level.  Just looking at your completed projects reminds me of your talent and natural skill.

And now I get to read your thoughts and doings on you blog....and hopefully see a knitted item or two...

I think it is so awesome you are about to knit Buds and Blooms.  I know we share a love for Never Not Knitting.  Oh, how I wish I could knit like her.  You will rock that pattern and look amazing in it.

Before I go I wanted to comment on your blog post about not volunteering TOO much.  In that amazingly Catholic area you live in it can be hard not to look at what all the other amazing moms are doing with their 25 home schooled kids without feeling...tired.  It is keeping up with the Jones' in a much different way...but keeping up nonetheless.  All I can share is probably what you have told yourself a million times...

We are all different.  We all come to the table with different strengths.  We can NOT all function in the same way.  You would never expect your right leg to answer a math question....it is not the right legs function to compute things...that does not make the right leg any less useful than the brain.  Just useful in a different way.

The temptation to think...why is this so hard when I only have "one", "two", "three", "six" kids and Mary Amazing has 12 and she makes it all look like a breeze, is easy to fall  into.  But we all know, deep down, than none of it is a breeze...not for anyone.  It is hard. Life is hard.  And even though it can be wonderful and filled with more blessings than you ever thought possible...you can still call it hard.

We are all striving...in our own way.  Finding the mix for your own family ...for this moment...this day.  

So..I probably just went off in a few different directions with that thought, but after I read you blog post that is where my mind went and I wanted to write it down..more for me than anything else.

Anyway....wish I could plan a trip to Fiber Space with you...or just a afternoon visiting.  It would be fun if you and James came for a visit..even if it is when you are old and gray.  Trust me...we are living in a place that cost about $800 to fly out of...well fly out and back....WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE..except the 12 miles of road we have before us....

Thanks for the email!!!


  1. This is just... the greatest thing I have ever read. Watch my blog, as an answer is coming! As soon as I have some pictures... :)

  2. Oh, this is just touching - thanks for sharing your message with all of us. I just love that!