Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Shoulder Cozy..or Two









This is the easiest, quickest knit EVER.  I made my first one in 2 nights while Pete watched "The Dome".  I may have lifted my head a time or two to watch the is NOT a bad series.

Anyway...the Shoulder Cozy is addicting.  I made the first one a little darn, I had to make another one.  I could have easily ripped back and re-knit using  a larger needle size but I liked the first smaller one as a cowl.  And now I have 2 very cozy shoulder cozies..

Both are knit using Cascade Venezia in a gray . The smaller size I used a blue mohair and the larger one I used a white mohair.

I kinda wanna make an orange one now too!!!

Just cause it is fall ....

And I feel like wearing orange....

Molly took my pictures.  I have to admit to liking a knit wear photo shoot.  I like to look back at myself and see...myself.  I figure it is good I FORCE people to take my picture.  Come a tragedy I will feel good knowing there are some photos of me for people to cry they will show my love of kitting...

And on a lighter note...

I am reading The Catholicism series leaders guide.  I am teaching 7th and 8th grade CCD at my church.  I love Father Barron and recommend listening to his weekly podcast Word On Fire.  It is excellent.

And now I feel pretty good leaving this blog post just the way it is...
A great easy knit...that looks great as a shoulder thing..or a cowl..and some SOLID Catholic listening while you knit....


plus....Ginny has lots of folks who rock a string and needles.


  1. I love projects like that. It will look wonderful in orange. Glad you are teaching CCD. I loved teaching it to the 3rd grade. I will definitely check out that podcast!

  2. I do love a 'call it in' project and how cute it turned out, I mean 'chic'. I love it!

  3. I always thought I wasn't much of a poncho/Shoulder cozy person. But now that I've made my Catniss cowl, which is a bit like a shoulder cozy, I started wearing it every morning between getting up and taking a shower. Maybe a shoulder cozy would be great to have. Plus I have some white mohair in my stash that could be used for this. Maybe combined with some other colour to cheer it a bit up.