Monday, August 19, 2013

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Holiness in this time of my life comes in a form that is sometimes impossible to achieve...impossible for me at least.  Growing in holiness is not just found in going to daily mass, or praying the Liturgy of the Hours.  It is in doing exactly what is most difficult to do at any given moment.

Serving God and growing closer to Him means I say yes to Molly when she asks me to to help her start a blog..even though Drew just went down and I can finally read my magazine filled with amazing looking recipes (even reading this moments sounds so foolish...of course you stop and help Molly)

Growing in holiness is reading to the little kids before quiet time...even though I am ready to skip reading to them and get to quiet time.

Being the mom I want to be means asking, in a loving voice, "Where is your brand new rain jacket that I spent $60 on?"And probably NOT mentioning it is $60 because that means nothing to them.  And really they should know where there jacket is even if I only spent $3 on it....but loving voice is the key...

Wanting to pray more means actually JUST PRAYING MORE...nothing more simple than that.

Listening to God more means when you know you should go back in the room and end the conversation on a better note, you actually DO IT!!

Following God's will, for real, is knowing that a no may just be the answer He has for you and it may just be coming from another source...even if you want the no to be a yes...

And when I really think about it I know that mornings like this one makes me feel closer to being the mom I hope to be.  Morning when I try to just be present to them. Just them.  He has me here in this place , at this time for a reason.  I don't want to waste it on foolish selfishness.  


  1. I remember feeling how you feel and still do when my 11-year-old daughter talks for hours on end. But I also have big kids -- 23, 21, and 16 and when they get to that age you are virtually helpless, but to pray for them. Enjoy even the chaotic moments, while they are safe in your care and so easy to love!

    PS Would you ever get tired of that view? Gorgeous! Makes me want to move to Alaska!

  2. That is all so true...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    School started here today... which made me think of you and wonder what you have decided to do about school for everyone. Let me know if you ever get over to Juneau. Would love to see you again... and meet some of your newest family members!