Friday, August 16, 2013

Ask And You Shall Receive

Who knew that less than 24 hours after I last hit publish I would have some answers to the questions I  listed in my previous post .  Not only did a few people comment to help fill in some of the cooking gaps I shared, but I got a real life cooking lesson ...and ate an amazing meal...with 3 REAL courses and no children.



My friend Caldwell is a fancy chef herself.  She got to study for one week at the Culinary Institute of America.  I have been peppering her with questions since she shared that life changing news with me.  She has even graced me with an onion cutting session herself.  But the coolest thing she has shared with me was an evening cooking in her kitchen with her step-dad...who is AN AMAZING chef.   Like he is teaching cooking lessons as a job.



I got wind of him visiting a few weeks ago and I started subtly begging to be invited over for a meal involving prep work that he would kindly instruct me through.  My vision was a success.  It was such a fun and educational night.  I could really get into cooking lessons like these...good friends...good wine and an amazing dinner.



The fact that is was all a donation of time and talent made it even sweeter.  I'm still glowing.
So what did we make??  Well I had every intention of taking notes and photographing each step.  Some to blog, and some to just remember.  But I walked in, got excited and forgot to do much of anything but listen and try and absorb everything he was doing.



We made a whole chicken that was soaked overnight in buttermilk, water, salt and pepper.  We rinsed, dried and then stuffed under the skin with butter. Popped 2 chickens in the oven and then went on to make butternut squash soup. He had already peeled the squash before I arrived so we moved right on to sauteing   some onions, and garlic...a little bit of pulp, salt, pepper and chicken broth. After the squash was steamed we strained the saute pot, added the squash and mixed in a blender.  IT. WAS. AMAZING!!!



We also made Kale steamed with Chorizo sausage, garlic and onions, whole roasted carrots that tasted like candy. An amazing salad with a quick easy vinaigrette. Everything was so fun and exciting and I kinda sorta made it.

 Serving the meal in 3 courses was the absolute MOST fun I have had in a long time.  Pete and I served the others and we took our time with each course.   I felt so...fancy. Could I eat like that every night?? YES I COULD!!  That is just how I am made.  I REALLY love dinner and making it taste that amazing is something I could really wrap my mind around.  Now, the cost, time and mess is a totally separate issue that I am sure I WOULD NOT LIKE TO DO EVERY NIGHT.





p.s. I promise I will not be describing my every meal...just this time...


  1. Wow, just wow - how awesome is that and the food you prepared looks amazing!

  2. That is just so awesome! you're so lucky to have friends like that!

    ~Have a lovely day!