Monday, July 15, 2013

That New Place














My good friend called me recently kinda needing to vent.  Her husband is a Coastie and they left Virginia the same time we did. We lived in the same town and went to the same church.  We had the same friends.  We both have 6 kids.  Her son is my Godson.  Prior to living in VA together we both lived in Mobile.  Both of these places we have had the privilege of living in are vibrant Catholic communities.  We were blessed with AMAZING priests, solid inspirational Catholic families and wonderful parishes.

I knew the blessing I had. I knew I was living in a little Catholic bubble all those years.  I was surrounded by other famiies that looked very much like my own.  We had the same goals, lifestyles, family size and most  This was the same for my friend.

That bubble has popped for both of us.  I live in a fabulous community that has a large protestant community filled with wonderful families who love the Lord. But it is so different than what I have grown used to.

It takes some getting used to.  I was able to go to mass as much as I wanted....adoration 24 hours a with other Catholic moms who encouraged me and inspired me on a daily basis.  It has been that way for 6 years...but here the Catholic community is ...less obvious to me at this moment.

Anyway, when my friend called I TOTALLY got how she was feeling...kinda in desolation.  She is feeling the loss, and so am I.

What to do??  I don't have the support I have come to ...need.. I was able to encourage my friend that God has placed us where we are because this is part of our salvation story.  He gave us what we needed to become who we are up until this moment.  He will continue to do that.  It just looks different for both of us right now...VERY DIFFERENT.

Instead of relying on others to inspire, encourage and support me I need to focus on being faithful and committed to God without those things.  I need to read the daily readings, live and celebrate the Saints, get to confession (now that the lines are not HOURS long like my last parish).  Keep my heart and mind focused on God, in a way that I did not need to before because my Catholic faith was around me in the people I saw and spent time with.

I'm not sure if I helped my friend.  Sometimes even being reminded that we are where we are because it is God's will can be annoying.  I miss the same things she does.  I will continue to replay past moments with my amazing Catholic friends because they are part of my faith journey.

My next hope and question is who does God have for me here?  He has always put amazing people in my life and I know He will do that here too.  Is it my turn to have a younger friend who is just at the beginning of her faith journey, just starting her family?  When I was here last time I was blessed by 2 women who showed me the beauty of our faith. Can I now be in that place??


  1. I'm a new reader of your blog, and am also in a similar season in life. We moved a year and a half ago to an area with a lot of Catholics, but I don't seem to have much in common with many of the moms. I'm definitely feeling like it's our family's little "retreat;" a time to grow as a family. But it's still very hard and isolating and I hope we will soon return to an area with a vibrant Catholic community, and in my circumstances a great homeschooling community as well. Prayers for you and your friend.

  2. Lisa, Thanks for this post! I've been really going over our conversation and I'm starting to feel a bit better. We are still praying together and trying to find God's answer, but we are doing better. I've even started blogging which helps me to reflect on the day and how I can do better tomorrow. We miss you guys!

  3. I moved from Front Royal, VA 3 years ago - talk about Catholic Meca. It has been a huge adjustment for us and we often feel very alone. I know in time we will make those connections here and we love being near family but I know just what you mean in this post, we miss that Catholic Connection so much!

    1. Front Royal is amazing. I loved visiting there. We were almost neighbors, kinda, sorta !!

  4. New reader here, via Hallie Lord. Boy, does this hit home for me! I moved to the deep South three years ago away from my family, friends and beautiful Catholic community. Confession was readily available, there was adoration everywhere, I could walk to mass everyday and was surrounded by women of my age with small children. Spoiled rotten. Moving to the BIble belt, even a fairly Catholic part of the Bible belt, has been a wake up for me. It's still hard, even though I know it's time to focus on God and living my faith without the backup of my community. One thing that helps me is something a friend who is a cloistered nun says. Let's pray for each other because there's no distance between tabernacles.

  5. I think we all kind of go through ups and downs like that no matter where we are, don't you? Sometimes it seems there is community and then suddenly it seems to disappear. All we can do is pray sometimes, but it is something.
    God bless!