Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Book..











Before I arrived here I discovered a blog and book that I have LOVED...

Dinner, A Love Story...is the blog and book.  It is such a good book.  It is a cookbook and the authors history of making dinner for her family.

I stumbled on her blog one day when I was clicking around all over the place so I don't really remember how I found her.  I love her writing style and I really love her vision of loving her family through family dinner.  Sadly she has no idea I exists...but I just think all moms should read her book.

I was so sad when the book was over.  I read it cover to cover.  That is not easy to do with a cookbook...but this is so much more.

And as always...back to me!!!

I have always seen my day to day life as a story that just keeps going on.  We all have such great stories.  How we are who we are.  How we got to be who "we be". Having a chance to change your own story is exciting to me.  Each day we wake up we get to decide how we want our story to go that day....God may have another idea as to which part of the story He would like to see played out...but with His grace the story just keeps going.

Regarding my own story,  I sometimes struggle with the chapter of "Feeding My Family".  Admittedly I can see feeding everyone as a chore.  Something that is kinda required by law to do.  And then there is the whole pesky annoyance of the "food budget".  Add that to the never ending time crunch and loathing of cleaning the kitchen for the 1 millionth time....and you have a overwhelming feeling of DRUDGERY .

When I began Dinner, A Love Story I was immediately drawn to her commitment to having family dinner...and doing it as an act of love .  She knew no matter what else she did right or wrong as a mother she could and would show her infinite love for her kids and husband by feeding them...with LOVE!!

Food connects us . It can be attached to good memories and bad ones.  I would love for my kids to feel like the story of growing up was filled with "good food" memories.  I don't want them to get the feeling that food was a chore for me.

While I was reading this book I was also reading a great book by Jodi Picoult about a young girl in a Jewish concentration camp...how they starved and DREAMED of food. The contrast of the books really helped me form a better view of feeding my family dinner in a joyful way.  I GET to do this.  We are BLESSED with bounty and FREEDOM!!  Let me make dinner...let me show my kids and Pete that I adore them so much that the work that goes into feeding them is the least of what I can do to show them I love them!!!


  1. What a neat book...I just put a hold on it at the library...looking forward to reading it...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. The one thing I can do for my children is teach them the importance of our family supper. Our days are a flurry of activity but for one meal we sit down together without the distractions. This is our time together to slow down, enjoy the closing of our day and be nourished.

  3. Lisa,

    I always enjoy reading your blog! Have you ever seen the blog: superhealthykids.com ? Tons of creative and healthy ways to prepare food that appeals to kids. I haven't made a lot from it, but I love looking at it!


  4. That book is the BEST. It really saved me from an awful cooking rut, and I think I've made almost everything in it.

  5. This reminds me of a favorite tidbit of advice from Pleasant View Schoolhouse - live an interesting life. I love that. I'm going to check out this blog you share, I read cookbooks like they are novels - I love them! Thanks for sharing!
    BTW - I love the sharing of your 'who we be', very much a 'glad I discovered you' place!!