Friday, June 28, 2013

What To Wear???

I can not tell you how long it has taken me to get dressed lately.  I first have to review a few things about me and my way of dressing.

I like to be dressed EVERYDAY.  I run most mornings and then I immediately come home and shower.  I NEVER STAY IN MY WORKOUT CLOTHES!!  I CAN not do it.  First, I am super gross...second I get nothing done.  I just feel  l.a.z.y when I have on yoga pants and a tank!!


That is not to say I think those who wear those  clothes are lazy...not at all.  I just feel lazy in them when I wear them.  I try not to ...but when I do not get"dressed" I feel like sitting around on the floor wondering why I don't feel like myself.

I have come to discover that staying in workout clothes is NOT MYSELF...but that is not to say that I don't give in to to being lazy on an occasion!!


Anyway...I happen to be living in a place where looking cute all day with cute shoes and cute earrings can be a challenge.  Most of what we do here is outside.  We hike, walk, beach comb MOST days...and there is a great chance it will be raining during most of that time.  Plus we live on a island that is really just a huge bunch of let's just say there is a TON OR GRAVEL AND ROCKS EVERYWHERE...which makes shoe selection kinda hard.


Anyway ... I have changed clothes no less than 3 times a day since I have been here.  Sometimes I start with a cute skirt, tank and cardigan, sweet little earrings  and a fun necklace...after breakfast my friend calls..."Wanna hike up Indian River?"...yes...I change into yoga pants, sneakers and a t-shirt..which remind me...I HATE t-shirts.  I own like 3 of them.  We hike...I come home and change .  Sometimes I put the skirt back on and sometimes I decide that I might want to go walking later into town so maybe jeans would be better...


But my issue right now is I want to embrace wearing more things that allow me to hike...look adorable...and not feel lazy.  I looked on pintrest for "Cute Hiking Outfits"...but they all were just cute yoga pants with different hoodies ....

I am not sure what I am looking for. I just want to find what works for me right now...

I would love to show you pictures of this dilemma I am in..but really???


I know this is not the question to spend a lot of time on...I agree.  But I do know that my appearance has an effect on the way I feel...or even the I feel effects my appearance.  I want to honor my body and mind as a temple of the Holy Spirit.  I want to feel like I am treasuring the treasure God has given me with my appearance.  I just want to be practical for my new surrounding and my on going life of stay at home  mom.....



  2. I totally get this! I wish I had some answers, but I usually end up changing multiple times a day on any given day as well. I look forward to what you figure out and I'll be reading the comments.
    Your kids are sure super cute!

  3. How about some sort of cargo capri pant? You can throw on a cute top if you're at home or running errands, or put on a wicking top if you go hiking.

  4. Lisa
    I just got a pair of capri pants. I have worn them a ton!!

  5. What a great adventure your life is:) I hike in jeans and skirts. Those convertable pants are handy for weather, I also go for casual top/ blouses. The most important thing to me is comfort followed closely by adorableness. I'd find the shoe issue to be the biggest challenge. Good luck